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C. Edmund Wright

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C. Edmund Wright CREDS
C. Edmund Wright is the author of the new book,
WTF? How Karl Rove and the Establishment Lost…Again
Also of You Might Be a Liberal
Contributor and columnist for Americanthinker.comBreitbart.com 
Speaker at Tea Party and other political events
Former ghost writer for a major conservative personality


The self induced destruction of the Republican Party over immigration by the GOP establishment is "foolish and needless" says columnist and author C. Edmund Wright, who as a business owner and writer has been commenting on the issue for years. "There are two fundamental truths that cannot be ignored by thinking people, and yet our party leadership is ignoring them" says Wright. "First, nothing good will be passed by this Senate or signed by this President, and nothing good can be accomplished until the border is secure, period. And yet, the party leadership is diving headlong into a Senate bill that is crafted by Chuck Schumer and Harry Reid."

In a recent American Thinker article, Wright insists that "by enacting just two basic -- albeit politically difficult measures --  our massive and emotionally charged illegal immigration problem would largely take care of itself within a few years." According to Wright, those measures are a secure border and a use of e-verify programs starting at the government benefit level, to stop hand-outs to illegals. "If just those two things were to happen, and human nature were to follow course for a few years, this wouldn't be the all consuming issue it is now."

Wright fully acknowledges that these two steps "will not happen with the current make up of the Senate and current occupant of The White House," but he adds that politically  "a laser focus on these two steps could codify the conservative/Republican position around principles we all agree on, and would leave the messier areas of our disagreements to a more appropriate time. These two steps are understandable, they are compatible with American principles and they are sellable. We can win on these ideas - and unless we win in 2014 and 2016, nothing good on immigration is going to happen. That's a fact."

Wright touches on this in his new book, WTF? How Karl Rove and the Establishment Lost…Again, calling immigration "the third rail of Republican politics" - and an issue that has the potential to guarantee Democrat victory.

To demonstrate, Wright steps away from typical conservative dogma on the employer issue - on practical grounds - pointing out that "employers and customers are not responsible for the job market perversions we all face. Failed government is, and while a porous border is part of that failure, it is exacerbated by absurd welfare programs that allow you to live a 60 thousand dollar lifestyle on the government dole if you max out your benefits.  How in the world can we fill those 20-30-40 thousand dollar job niches when you can sit on your butt and live like you earn 60? Obviously, you can't. And this was not caused by Franks Landscaping or Bob's Custom Homes or by the local Motel 6 - nor their customers. We are all prisoners to an extent of poor government in all of these issues, and all of these issues are part of the immigration mess."

That's why, according to Wright, "these messier issues that split conservatives should not be part of the equation practically or politically at this point….because we won't win until we unify around the border, and we won't ever have solutions until we win. With a secure border and a reduced welfare state - that's the time to worry about the nuances of labor issues and deportation issues. Until then, all we can do is guarantee Democrat victory by letting those absorb our focus."

Wright is available for interviews - and always stresses good results for the host - and he recently had successful and long segments with Dennis Miller and Barry Farber, who called Wright "the best guest talk radio has to offer."

C. Edmund Wright is an accomplished national columnist and coveted natural speaker whose business experiences and ability to connect the dots resonates with readers and conference goers alike.  Wright has given keynote speeches and single handedly moderated a Presidential debate.
His experiences in business, polling, and political communications gives him peerless insight into the issues of the day. Wright has owned numerous businesses over the past couple of decades and was communications director for the 92 NC Bush Quayle Campaign — where he found out how frustrating it can be for a true conservative working for political moderates.
His work with the liberal elites of SC in a polling and focus group gives him inside experience dealing with the liberal mindset. 
In addition to his writing for American Thinker (www.AmericanThinker.com), Wright spent nearly three years as one of the very rare ghost writers for a major (and I do mean major) radio talk show host. Mixing a ton of real world experience with an astounding ability to use analogy and stories to tie up seemingly loose ends, Wright mixes in the right amount of a sharp wit into his talks and his articles to magnify impact.
When not writing or speaking, Wright lives with his wife Jennings and his three children in Raleigh, NC (ok, one child is grown and another is in college) and tends to a number of business interests.  

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