Sunday, June 9, 2013


When offered a copy of the pro Tea Party, pro Sarah Palin book at the NC GOP Convention, a visibly irritated Karl Rove refused - telling author C. Edmund Wright that his book, WTF? How Karl Rove and the Establishment Lost…Again, is "a poorly researched piece of trash."

"You would think Karl knows a poorly researched piece of trash when he sees it" said Wright, adding "since that's a pretty accurate description of Rove's track record in recent campaigns, including the 400 million dollar disaster in 2012.  That performance was a poorly researched piece of trash if I've ever seen one. At least my book didn't cost 400 million dollars of other people's money, and it didn't lead to four more years under the most absurd and failed President ever." 

Rove was in Charlotte to deliver the weekend's featured address, capping off a state convention where the establishment of the party continued their battle with base, conservative and tea party factions.  The other featured speaker over the weekend was Haley Barbour, who spoke at Saturday's luncheon. "Barbour's speech was actually more ominous for tea party conservatives than Rove's" said Wright, who criticizes both men, and the entire GOP establishment, in his book. "Haley is still obsessing over Christine O'Donnell's primary win in Delaware.  It's almost pathetic. He also let the cat out of the bag on how the establishment plans on fighting the tea party in the 2014 cycle.  They're now calling the tea party 'certain outside groups' in an attempt to delegitimize them. What Rove, Barbour and the RNC want to do is to work with the establishment operatives in each state to handpick candidates, and they're now going to call us "outside groups."  

Wright observed that the establishment's heavy handedness was not sitting well with many delegates and other attendees at the Convention. "Frankly, Karl's appearance sold a lot of books for us" said Wright, adding that "people were so angry that Rove and Barbour were speaking - they were coming up to our booth and literally thanking us for being there."

Wright and Rove bumped into each other by chance, moments before Rove's address just outside the hall. "I'm just chatting with a reporter from Charlotte, when Rove walks up to just greet him" said Wright. "Then he turns to me - so I just casually offered him a book.  His reaction speaks volumes.  Here I was,  at an event where the small percentage of delegates who support him were gathered, on his turf, and he was that offended and insecure.  It's obvious I've struck a nerve."

Wright was at the Rove address specifically for Breitbart and The American Thinker - and while Barbour answered questions, Rove refused after his address.

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