Wednesday, June 26, 2013

National ID Program – Coup de Gras for the Obama liberals

The warp and woof of the Obama Administration since day one has been consonant with the overall agenda of the left from time immemorial and that is authoritarian control over the lives of citizens. They assume that such control will reside in their own “enlightened” hand which is why a critical function of their agenda is to destroy the opposition.

This agenda became evident by Obama’s expansion of the National Debt which caused a lien on the income of the taxpaying independent working citizen. Most of the money borrowed went to propping up the public sector, dominated by liberals, and to crony-capitalist liberal friends.

Obamacare serves the dual purpose, from the prospective of the authoritarian elite, of forcing citizens to purchase a product and penalizing them if they don’t, unless you’re a friend of the administration or if you’re lucky enough to live in Nancy Pelosi’s congressional district, and of government control of the most fundamental element of freedom and that is your own health.

Obama has expanded welfare to the degree that many of the growing cadres of welfare recipients get more money per hour to not work than working people, those who still maintain a modicum of freedom and independence after shelling out large portions of the fruit of their labor in the form of taxes.

During the last presidential campaign Obama and his surrogates were successful in demonizing their enemies, those who still have a modicum of understanding of liberty, by attacking Republican nominee Mitt Romney for his success as a businessman and by attacking the Catholic Church for not paying for abortion inducing drugs. Too many people bought into this attack on capitalism and religion.
Obama has used government agencies such as the IRS to harass and silence hos opponents. He has used the NSA to spy on millions of Americans. Now he is going for the coup de grace, a National ID for all Americans, an ID that will contain biometric scanning or tracking devises. Senator Rand Paul has pointed out the so-called “comprehensive immigration reform” being debated in Congress includes what he describes as a de-facto national ID system.

Paul speculates that such a system, if implemented nationally, would mean that eventually all citizens would be required to have such ID in order to hold a job or get a driving license. Many Christians have equated this as the mark of the beast as described in the Book of Revelation. Putting that aside, such a development would bring the authoritarian agenda of the Obama administration full circle.

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