Monday, June 17, 2013

NSA Whistle-blower – National Hero

National Security Agency whistle-blower Edward Snowdon is a national hero. He has exposed a vast and pervasive spying apparatus run by our own Federal Government against us, the American citizen. By revealing these corrupt practices, and at considerable personal risk, Mr. Snowdon sent a wake-up call to all freedom-loving Americans of all political persuasions.

We had assumed that our phone conversations and emails were private. Indeed, we thought that such practices as bugging and spying were done away with after the Watergate scandal had uncovered a couple of such incidences carried out by the Nixon Administration  

Snowdon is a hero cut from the same cloth as Whittaker Chambers who, in 1948, exposed an extensive network of Stalin’s KGB spies working within the inner reaches of our government.  By exposing high level spies such as FDR Administration Under Secretary of State Alger Hiss and Under Secretary of the Treasury Harry Dexter White, who were working for the Soviet Union, Chambers, acting at considerable personal risk, changed the course of American history.

Americans responded to Chambers revelations by flushing out the traitors and restoring the ship of state. In the broader sense, Whittaker Chambers, by his shocking revelations, changed American culture which at the time was imperceptibly moving in a totalitarian direction. Chambers revelations reminded us of how vulnerable our freedoms were and how those freedoms could be undermined by corruption subtly working within the system.

Let’s hope and pray that Snowdon’s revelations have the same effect today.

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