Friday, July 19, 2013

The Socialist Bible - Why The Communist Manifesto is the World's second most important Book

Chuck Morse Speaks: 
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The Socialist Bible includes the unabridged text of The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Frederic Engels with commentary provided by radio commentator and author Chuck Morse. Since its 1848 publication The Communist Manifesto has been a virtual Bible for the socialist left where it has served as an informal left-wing constitution and as a manual of instruction and guidance that defines what it means to be a leftist. In The Communist Manifesto, Marx advanced the political and philosophical interests of the radical segment of the European enlightenment that had broken away from the otherwise liberty oriented French Revolution of 1889-1900. Marx seminal treatise provided a political and philosophical underpinning to the two great socialist political experiments of the 20th Century, Bolshevik Communism and Nazi Socialism.

Morse contends that the ideas contained within The Communist Manifesto have become received wisdom in most nations of the world including the United States of America, that the manifesto permeates the basic assumptions of vast numbers of people including many who consider themselves to be conservative. Marx influence has become so ingrained within the milieu of society that Marx has proven, in a perverse way, his assertion that there is such a thing as false consciousness.

A study of The Communist Manifesto is more than merely a study of history as such a study reveals the nature of our current politics and, more fundamentally, offers a glimpse into who we are as people and what we have become as a society. With reference to the full and unedited text, this book examines the influence of this classic tract in the context of the philosophical nature of the Communist movement.

Morse hopes that The Socialist Bible will contribute toward more Americans reading and thinking about The Communist Manifesto and then forming their own judgments and opinions regarding the meaning and the significance of the philosophy that The Communist Manifesto imparts.


Jerry Mcglothlin said...

Chuck is an amazing author. He's so far ahead of the crowd that all we seem to get is warmed over versions of his writings from other authors years later and watered down. But reading an original Chuck Morse book is the real deal and not 'stepped on.'

Jerry Mcglothlin said...

Chuck is an awesome writer. He gives it to you straight with nothing watered down. He is years ahead of the conservative curve!