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Butler Director Slurs Conservatives

Chuck Morse

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Butler Director Slurs Conservatives
 “When Lee Daniels, director of the Hollywood blockbuster, The Butler,agrees with CNN’s Piers Morgan that America is more racist today because Barack Obama is President; when he says that people are angry that he's president, and I think that they're showing their true colors, he viciously slurs conservatives,” asserts Chuck Morse, author of The Counter-Fabians - Republicans in the Age of Obama,available on Amazon Kindle at http://amzn.com/B00B6YKGTO
“Conservatives hear this type of big lie, and they just shrug it off,” says Morse, “but if these ugly attacks go unanswered, the wound festers and the big lie is ingrained in the public consciousness.”
"I am offended by this false stereotyping,” says Morse, who calls on fair-minded genuinely progressive people to vociferously reject this slander.
Morse contends, “The opposition to Obama has nothing to do with his race and everything to do with his left-wing policies.”
In 2004 Obama ran for the US Senate in Illinois against Republican former UN Ambassador Alan Keyes who, it should be noted, happens to be Black.  Keyes, who endured an ugly and racist tinged whisper campaign from the left, lost the special election to Obama who immediately began to campaign for the presidency.
Had Keyes won that race, and had Keyes gone on to be elected President, it goes without saying that conservatives would have rallied around the Tea Party champion.
Indeed, if Barack Obama were white and not on the left, with his record of unemployment in the Black community, he would be called a racist.
Chuck Morse is the host the radio talk show "Chuck Morse Speaks" which is nationally syndicated on the IRN/USA Radio Network Mon - Fri 10 AM - Noon ET. He is the author of books as well as columns that have been published in The Boston Globe, The Washington Times, The Providence Journal, the New Bedford Standard Times, WND, Newsmax and Front Page. Chuck Morse received the 2003 Communicator of the Year award from the National Right to Work Committee and was named a "Heavy 100" Radio Talk Host by Talkers Magazine. Morse ran for Congress in 2004 against Rep. Barney Frank in Massachusetts.
Chuck Morse speaks on several topics covered in his books which are published on Amazon Kindle.
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