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Exclusive: Chuck Morse says Jerome Corsi work is 'best ever written on this topic'

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2013/09/time-to-open-the-kennedy-assassination-files/#zFpXAOgeAUSYXhM8.99

By Chuck Morse
Dr. Jerome R. Corsi, author of the new book “Who Really Killed Kennedy?” notes that 50 years after President John F. Kennedy was murdered in Dealy Plaza, Nov. 22, 1963, while traveling in an open limousine with his wife by his side, the CIA and other government agencies continue to hold hundreds of thousands of documents pertaining to the assassination under lock and key. Expressing the outrage of many, Dr. Corsi writes: “To maintain a shroud of secrecy over the JFK assassination a half-century after the event is a disgrace for a nation that proclaims values of truth and justice.”
These secret documents have been withheld from Congress in spite of repeated requests. Our elected representatives in Congress have a constitutional right to review all documents held by any subordinate government agency. The American people have demanded to know the truth. Congress must demand that all files pertaining to the Kennedy assassination be released at once. Any agency that refuses to turn over files should be prosecuted for contempt.
Dr. Corsi’s book is the best ever written on this topic. Corsi examines, in intricate and gruesome detail, the assassination itself and exactly what transpired on that fateful day in Dallas, an event that unalterably changed the course of American history. Corsi then delves into many of the legitimate and varied conspiracy theories that have cropped up since the assassination, effectively separating the wheat from the chaff. Corsi weaves together all of the various and at times confusing evidence, testimony and eyewitness reports, and what clearly emerges is that there was undoubtedly a coordinated conspiracy to murder the president of the United States.
This book clearly demonstrates that the Warren Commission was a fraud and a cover-up and that the “lone nut” theory and the “magic bullet” were false flags. Corsi draws a broad picture of interested parties, possible conspirators and those who may have been in the know or who stood to gain from the Kennedy assassination and subsequent cover-up. While drawing no conclusions, he examines the actions and motivations of Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev, Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson, former Vice President Richard M. Nixon, future presidents Gerald R. Ford and George H.W. Bush and former CIA Director Allen Dulles as either having foreknowledge of the assassination or of serving as possible accessories to either the assassination itself or the cover-up.
He examines the strange and elusive career of Lee Harvey Oswald, whether he was a Communist KGB agent on a murderous mission or a right-wing radical, whether he was a gunman or a “patsy,” as he described himself before he was murdered and therefore silenced by Jack Ruby who also is examined in this book. Corsi implicates the CIA, which had facilitated assassination in Guatemala during the Eisenhower administration and which facilitated the unauthorized assassination of Vietnamese Premier Ngo Dinh Diem a few weeks before Kennedy himself was assassinated. Kennedy, who took measures to place the CIA under executive authority after the abortive Bay of Pigs incident, felt that the CIA had become a rogue agency.
Corsi examines the Mafia connection, shedding new light on the Kennedy family alliance with the western Mob figure Jim Elkins who was at war with eastern Mobsters such as Sam Giancana, Santo Trafficante and Carlos Marcello, and how John Kennedy might have gotten caught up in the crossfire of this conflict both literally and figuratively. He looks at interlocking relationships between elements of the CIA and the Mob and the possible role of CIA agent and Watergate burglar E. Howard Hunt in the assassination.
Recently released documents indicate that shortly before he was assassinated, President Kennedy signed executive orders authorizing the withdrawal of American military personnel from Vietnam. This was reversed by Lyndon Johnson who began a plan to escalate even before Kennedy was buried at Arlington National Cemetery.
John F. Kennedy was a relatively conservative president who supported the sovereignty of nations, non-intervention and conservative domestic and fiscal policies. His policies were reversed after his assassination as the American nation and society lurched to the left with the Vietnam War, the War on Poverty, which did such irreparable damage to the black family, and with the advancement of international military and covert activities so favored by the world order oriented military-industrial complex and the liberal eastern seaboard establishment. President Kennedy refused to play ball with forces that were enthroned as a result of his untimely removal from office.

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