Friday, October 11, 2013

Government shut-down, debt ceiling crisis, signs of bankruptcy?

The centerpiece of the Obama Administration domestic policy has been to raise taxes, raise the debt ceiling, increase spending and expand the welfare state.
Indeed the great and glorious “struggle” of Obama, his “progressives” in Congress, and amplified by their media echo chamber, has been the passage of the stimulus package which was a massive increase in borrowing, mostly from the Federal Reserve at interest, in order to mostly bail out government agencies and state governments which experienced a shortfall in revenues due to the recession, and to hand over money to various liberal special interests and corporate cronies.
Obama is continuing the good fight against “divisive” Republicans who seek to balance the budget and honor the debt ceiling.
The Federal Government is now over 16 trillion dollars in debt and the Democrats want to add at least another trillion in spending by funding Obamacare, an incomprehensible and unread jumble of over a thousand new laws that were written mostly by lobbyists.
And they tell us working people, those of us who have experienced a lower standard of living since the 2008 meltdown, those of us who are still unemployed or under-employed, that we are cruel and mean for not allowing the Feds to borrow even more of our money and to pass even more freedom eroding and economically regressive laws.
The existence of an unsustainable and unprecedented national debt holds real consequences for working people. With more of the national revenue going toward paying interest to the private cartel of bankers at the Federal Reserve, those who hold a monopoly on lending our government its own money, the value of the workingman’s dollar is further diminished. Prices go up, private capital is curtailed, savings are hurt and those on fixed income see the purchasing value of their hard-earned dollar go down.
While the Obama Administration “struggles” to increase the debt, to pass onerous and freedom-denying laws and regulations under the rubric that they are good for our health, while they fight to raise taxes, they have done nothing to improve the business atmosphere. They have done nothing to encourage domestic capital creation and accumulation which is key to investment and to the development of jobs.
Instead, the Obama Administration focus is on expanding the welfare edifice that pays people not to work. They have hired staffers who go out and recruit people to go on food stamps and they have continued to fund the thousands of public and private agencies that facilitate welfare expansion. Today, in over 20 states, welfare recipients are paid more per hour in money and benefits that are the working poor. All the while, Obama has found the money to pay armed guards to keep tourists out of the World War II Memorial and Mount Rushmore while the regular employees are furloughed. 

Republicans in Congress are now standing in the breach and we working people need to stand with them. They have taken to the barricades against the powerful onslaught of those who would further confiscate our property and our freedom. They are speaking truth to the powerful top 1% left-wing authoritarians who want to expand the debt, at profit to them, and turn the United States into a sub-province in their demented vision of a new world order.  

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