Saturday, October 26, 2013

Radio Veteran launches national conversation

TOPIC/Nationally syndicated radio talk show:
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Chuck Morse CREDS
Radio Talk Show Host and Author of several books, including his newly released:
Other books by Chuck Morse are available here  (Click here to view: Books by Chuck Morse)

Radio Talk Show Veteran Chuck Morse launches national conversation

Chuck Morse, host of the nationally syndicated radio talk show Chuck Morse Speaks on the Information Radio Network Mon – Fri 10am – Noon ET, and the author of American Testament - The Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution - Keys to America's Future hosts what is rapidly becoming a  national conversation.
The veteran host, who first launched his radio program locally in Boston in 1996, has forged a reputation as a conservative intellectual who specializes in airing all points of view. Morse ran for Congress in Massachusetts in 2004 against one of his occasional guests, Rep. Barney Frank.
Morse book titles include The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terrorism, The Art and Sceince of American Money, ACORN-The Takeover of America, The Counter-Fabians, On the Jewish Question and several other titles, available here:  http://t.co/oxZNlr94Fw.
Morse op-eds have been published by the Boston Globe, the Washington Times, WND, Newsmax and other print and online publications. Named a top radio talk show host by Talkers Magazine, Morse received the Communicator of the Year award from the National Right to Work Committee in 2003.
Chuck Morse Speaks Blog:  http://awhigmanifesto.blogspot.com/
Chuck Morse Speaks regulars and guests have included Alan Dershowitz, Noam Chomsky, Jim DeMint, J. Giles, Jack Kemp, Jorma Kaukonen, Geraldo Rivera, Caspar Weinberger, Howard Ziinn, Gloria Stinem, Ted Sorenson and a long list of news-makers, academicians, pundits, philosophers and cultural figures.
 For information on how to syndicate "Chuck Morse Speaks" on your radio station, either one of both hours, either live or as a re-run, please contact Andre Traversa at Epic Quest Media 773-774-1583 or Kay Kay Piercy at the Information Radio Network 800-325-0919 x 7437 .

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