Wednesday, October 9, 2013


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By Chuck Morse
We hear the interminable torrent of lies from Democrats about the government shutdown, but the one that claims the tea-party is anti-government must be answered. When tea-party House members refuse to sign off on the biggest tax increase in American history, and the Obamacare mandate was declared to be a tax by Chief Justice John Roberts, those House members are protecting working people from a new agency that will suck the money right out of their bank accounts. This opposition to this onerous tax and the thousands of new regulations in Obamacare is not anti-government; it is anti-bad government.
The most egregious example of this type of liberal lie, the one that holds that the tea party is anti-government, comes from Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren. A corrupt corporate hack, Elizabeth Warren called tea-party House Republicans “the anarchy gang” in her most recent email.
In the email, Warren, the hypocrite who was paid over $200,000 by Travelers Insurance Corporation, which hired her to screw factory workers who were suffering from asbestos poisoning, workers who were trying to collect on their insurance policies, has the gall to falsely accuse Republicans of calling for “regulators to go easier on companies that put lead in children’s toys.” 

Conspiratorially claiming that the tea party is (hush, hush) sending out “thinly veiled calls for anarchy in Washington,” Warren, who was paid six figures by Dow Chemical, a multi-National Chemical Corporation to stop women from getting money for toxic shock breast syndrome, falsely accuses Republicans of stopping inspectors from “checking whether the meat in our grocery stores is crawling with deadly bacteria.” Warren, who supports partial-birth abortions, championing children, accuses Republicans of calling for “the FDA to ignore whether morning-sickness drugs will cause horrible deformities in our babies.”
I am not making this up – honestly, I’m not.
In her email, Warren intoned her usual tired bumper-sticker slogan against Republicans:
“I’ve got mine, the rest of you are on your own.”
Yes, she certainly did get hers when she lied about her ethnic status to get tenure at Harvard. She got hers each year Harvard gave her around $350,000 to teach one class. She and her husband, who also got around $350,000 from Harvard for teaching one class, also shared a free house thanks to Harvard.
And we wonder why the cost of higher education is so high for “the rest of us” who are “on our own.”
Oh, and by the way, the Consumer Protection Bureau she set up at $600 per hour, money paid to her by taxpayers, “the rest of us,” is financed by the Federal Reserve, which is a private institution that is owned by the “millionaire and billionaire” big banks and corporations.
Opposing big tax increases is not anti-government. Supporting the Constitution is not anti-government. Standing up for working people, for an honest dollar and for elected politicians who are telling the truth and who have the courage to stomach the torrent of lies as they do their job of representing the interests of working people is not anti-government.

Chuck Morse hosts “Chuck Morse Speaks” on the Information Radio Network.

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