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Forgotten Consequence of Kristallnacht

Forgotten Consequence of Kristallnacht 

Chuck Morse
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Forgotten Consequence of Kristallnacht 
Chuck Morse, syndicated radio talk show host and author of On the Jewish Question - Karl Marx, anti-Semitism and the War against the West, raises the forgotten consequence of the infamous November 9-10, 1938 Nazi Kristallnacht against the Jews of Germany. As we observe the 75thanniversary of that terrible event, we should recognize that the 1938 Nazi pogrom against the Jews also marked the end of the view of Nazism as a left-leaning progressive movement.  
By 1938, the international left had already turned on Italian dictator Benito Mussolini after his 1935 aggression against Abyssinia, as Fascism had previously been all the rage amongst progressives before that time particularly within the FDR Administration which openly patterned much of the New Deal on the Fascist model. Both Mussolini and Hitler characterized their movements as a “third way” between capitalism and socialism, which made them essentially not as far to the left as the Bolsheviks were in Russia. 
The final break between the two socialist totalitarian experiments, Nazism and Soviet Communism, took place on June 22, 1941, when Hitler double-crossed his communist Russian allies with a full-scale invasion known as Operation Barbarossa. During the years of the open alliance between the two socialist super-powers—August 1939, which marked the signing of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, to the June 1941 Nazi invasion of Russia—it should be recalled the international left, including the American Communist Party and its various front groups, were pro-Nazi and were engaging in activities to aid and abet both the Nazis and the Communists. 
Kristallnacht, or the night of the broken glass, marked the beginning of the Holocaust against the Jews by the Nazi Germans as at least 91 Jews were killed and 30 thousand were arrested and sent to concentration camps. The factor that is overlooked is the similarity between the Nazis, politically and philosophically, and the Communists, and how both viewed the United States and the western democracies as their enemies because of their support for conservative values such as individual freedom, capitalism and the Judeo-Christian ethos.  
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Chuck Morse is the host the radio talk show "Chuck Morse Speaks" which is nationally syndicated on the IRN/USA Radio Network Mon - Fri 10 AM - Noon ET. He is the author of books as well as columns that have been published in The Boston Globe, The Washington Times, The Providence Journal, the New Bedford Standard Times, WND, Newsmax and Front Page. Chuck Morse received the 2003 Communicator of the Year award from the National Right to Work Committee and was named a "Heavy 100" Radio Talk Host by Talkers Magazine. Morse ran for Congress in 2004 against Rep. Barney Frank in Massachusetts.
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