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Obama's Banana Republic

Obama's Banana Republic 

Scott Wheeler

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- Author, Promoting Decline: Obama vs. America

- Author, Shadow Government: What Obama Doesn't Want You to Know About His Czars

- Executive Director of the National Republican Trust PAChttp://nationalrepublicantrust.com/staff.html
- Former television producer and investigative journalist, focusing on domestic and international security issues,
and produced and consulted on many television   documentaries.
- An expert on the most crucial issues facing national security - from the war zones in the former Yugoslavia, to
the drug fields of South America and following the trails of international arms smugglers to Canada, Europe and
the Middle East.
- A veteran of the U.S. Army infantry
Obama's Banana Republic 
The Obama Administration spent over $1 Billion on the Obamacare website.

Investigative journalist Scott Wheeler is asking who, exactly, got this money, and why did something that should have cost $100 thousand cost a Billion? 

“This is just one facet of the massive and secretive Obamacare bill, a law that no one has actually read. Given Obama's slipshod record when it comes to spending and ignoring the Constitution, there should be little doubt that Obamacare is riddled with corruption and handouts to Obama's friends.”

Government corruption investigations used to be routine before Obama but now, with the Chicagoization of America under Obama, such investigations are viewed as boring and old fashioned,” notes Wheeler, who has a long track record of investigating corruption in and out of government, and around the world. “Indeed, what used to be called good government has now dissolved into a culture of corruption.” 

Richard Nixon had to resign from the presidency for a lot less than what is going on now. While Nixon was accused of targeting a handful of his opponents with IRS audits, Obama is accused of targeting many thousands of individuals and businesses who are on his enemies list. The Gibson Guitar company, for example, was raided by a SWAT team for using a type of wood that had been declared as illegal for some bizarre reason. Their CEO, Henry Juszkiewicz, had donated money to Republican candidates. Another guitar company using the exact same wood was left alone.  

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius was accused of shaking down health care companies for donations, yet there was no follow-up. The NSA is arbitrarily spying on tens of millions of Americans and people overseas, including allied leaders, yet the fact that Obama authorized the surveillance in 2011 barely causes a stir. Obamacare causes millions of people to lose their insurance in spite of repeated promises from Obama that this would never happen, and the response is a collective shrug.Obama travels around the world like Sultan, yet critics are called petty. 

“The culture of corruption swirling around Obama, and the whining and conscious connivance of his left-wing facilitators and enablers in the press and in the institutions has become a cancer on the American system,” asserts Wheeler. “We have come to accept this, as we lower our standards. Perhaps this is what we get after a generation of being dumbed down by the system of education and by the culture.”
Scott Wheeler is an accomplished and diverse investigative reporter, having written two books and worked in many mediums as a newspaper reporter and editor, as well as chief correspondent for American Investigator Television Magazine.  As a filmmaker he has produced 17 television documentaries, and has consulted on more than a dozen others.  At least two times Wheeler’s reports have been on the desk of the President of the United States, and have invoked investigations by national federal agencies, as well as by foreign governments. 

Among his investigative breakthroughs, Wheeler has worked undercover to reveal:

The internal operations of the terrorist group Hamas within the United States, leading to several suspects
named in the reports to be arrested;
A weapons of mass destruction pipeline run out of the Middle East, as he posed undercover as an arms-dealer
in 1998 and 1999. 

Prior to becoming a journalist, Wheeler served in the US Army for two years, later returning to the Army National Guard and immediately volunteering for active duty service in 2005 and 2006.  As a student, Wheeler played college football and after returning from Army duty was a high school head football coach for one year.  
With a sincere interest to restore America to its core moral system of values and in an effort to reverse the politicization of the government body, Wheeler created and now heads the National Republican Trust PAC (GOP Trust) and National Investigative Media.  Using his investigative prowess, coupled with his extensive knowledge of government and history, Wheeler is able to provide the American people the essential information they need in selecting their government representatives. 

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