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Tax Collection Method More Soviet Than American

Tax Collection Method More Soviet Than American

Bob McNeil

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American Citizen Party Candidate, 2016
Accountant, Former Internal Auditor and
Self-employed Business Consultant Responsible
for Multimillion Dollar Financial Reviews
U.S. Marine Corps, 1968-1974, Sergeant (E-5)

Reference:  Proclamation of Freedom 2017

Economic Freedom Act

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Tax Collection Method More Soviet Than American 
Texas forensic accountant and 2016 American Citizen Party candidate for US President, Bob McNeil, notes that Americans will move from a system of voluntary taxation and tax payments at points of purchase to a system that will be automatized and coercive. “Present trends indicate that we as a people will become more conditioned to government tracking of our activities for the sake of taxing us if we don’t take action now,” warns McNeil. 
An example of this is the black box “track & tax” program that is proposed for California. The black box would be installed in every car where it would gather data in terms of where the driver was going, data that would then be used to assess taxes for use of roads.  
This is the brain-child of Hasan Ikhrata, a Soviet educated Russian national who is now the Executive Director of the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG). Ikhrata, who formerly worked for the Moscow Metro Corporation, told the Los Angeles Times, “This really is a must for our nation. It is not a matter of something we might choose to do.” 
Ikhrata obviously is right at home with authoritarian minded American officials who seek to run roughshod over our civil liberties and privacy. This is coupled with the revelation that tens of millions of Americans are now being spied on by the National Security Agency which arbitrarily chooses who it targets. “With the NSA reading our emails and listening in on our phone calls, and with the black box monitoring our every move, it’s like we are living in an informal national concentration camp,” laments McNeil.  
Bob McNeil will return America to constitutional principles when, on his first day in office as President of the United States, January 20, 2017, he issues a blanket pardon to all American taxpayers for not filing their federal tax returns. 

Read McNeil’s Proclamation of Freedom 2017 and Economic Freedom Act; we’re sure you will want to discuss these with him!

Hello America,
My name is Bob McNeil, founder of the American Citizen Party, and candidate for President of the United States in 2016.
I describe myself as “an ordinary man living an extraordinary life”.
I am:
  • A professional business consultant with an accounting degree and 35 years of experience auditing multi-billion dollar corporations, here in the United States, and in a number of countries around the world.
  • A veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps from 1968 through 1974.
  • A father of two daughters.
  • A grandfather of three beautiful children.
  • A trusted friend to many.
I have been disillusioned with our two-party political system for quite a while now, but, rather than complain about it, I decided to do something about it.
So, using a lifetime of experience, plus the analytical skills I have acquired during my career as a professional auditor, I set out to write a plan that would spark the “21st Century American Revolution”.
Knowing the dangers of that exercise from the people in power, and to ensure its success, I established the following criteria for the plan:
  • It must be constitutional;
  • It must be peaceful;
  • It must transcend race, religion, age, gender, political affiliation, economic status, and all other things that the politicians and the media  use to divide us as a nation, and;
  • It must restore liberty and prosperity to ALL American citizens.
In 2008, after one year of research and writing, I emerged with the plan.  I formed the American Citizen Party in 2009 to serve as the platform from which to implement it, and have talked to millions of Americans about it in person, on the radio and in my blogs since then.
Now, it is time to go nationwide in order to build momentum for the 2014 election and my 2016 Presidential run.
If you yearn for liberty and prosperity like you’ve never before experienced, this is the political party you’ve been searching for.
Get involved.  Sign up with your email address to receive my blogs. Contribute money to further the cause of liberty for yourself, your children, and future generations of Americans.
Together, we can, and we will, take back our country and restore it to its greatness.
The only way my plan will fail is if you continue to vote Democrats and Republicans into office, or worse, if you do nothing.
Take charge of your future.  If you don’t, someone else will.
In freedom,
Bob McNeil
To learn more about Bob, click here:  All About Bob
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