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What Happened to the “Wall of Separation”?

What Happened to the “Wall of Separation”?

Chuck Morse

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Challenged Rep. Barney Frank in Massachusetts for Congress in 2004.

What Happened to the “Wall of Separation”?

Conservative firebrand radio host, Chuck Morse (Chuck Morse Speaks on IRNUSA Radio Network) - author of numerous books including Bible Tabula Rasa The Socialist Bible  and The Counter-Fabians  - has interviewed dozens of liberals who have complained about politics seeping into the pulpit. “I interviewed several people on the left who wove dark conspiracy theories about conservative Christians plotting to turn America into a theocracy, and who absurdly claim that it is unconstitutional for churches to get involved in political and social issues” notes Morse.

Yet now, Morse observes, Obamacare is to be pushed in churches while taxpayers foot the bill.

The new initiative is called Health Care from the Pulpit, and it is being implemented by Enroll America, a taxpayer funded non-profit which has been hired to enroll Americans in healthcare through the Affordable Care Act.

Health Care from the Pulpit will work with faith leaders to ensure that people are enrolled in Obamacare. The program was launched with 50 church events. Money is being spread around to pastors in a manner reminiscent of how Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, paid black ministers in Harlem in 1939 as part of the “Negro Project” to promote abortion at their churches. This was part of her campaign to eugenically cull what she called “dysgenic races.”

Dr. Michael Minor, pastor of Oak Hill Missionary Baptist Church in Hernando, MS, is one such minister as he was recently given a $317,742 federal grant to help enroll individuals in Obamacare.

Pastor Minor put together a group of 75 to 100 ‘navigators’ (trainers) around his state to provide information and access to Obamacare. “These so-called navigators will eventually be gathering personal information about their neighbors as they swarm across the country in a manner that reminds me of how local organizers work in Communist ChinaThis is the first step toward social workers spying on citizens. The personal health information that they coax out of people will be then entered into a dossier which will be kept on each and every American. Eventually, the electronic dossier will be stored at the massive computer collection centers being built in Utah,” notes Morse, “and the personal health information will be used by the government run health-care system to determine a person’s CORI score. That score will determine what type and how much healthcare the government will allow a person to receive.”

While liberals threaten churches with the loss of their 501c3 non-profit status for promoting political and social issues, a natural and basic function of churches and of religion, the government is at the same time attempting to co-opt churches by introducing blatantly political government originated programs. Liberals, and for that matter religious people, should understand that the concept of separation of church and state is a Biblical concept. Moses established the separation in his debate with the Egyptian Pharaoh, and Jesus furthered the concept when he declared, “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's and unto God the things that are God's.” Churches must maintain this separation in order to preserve their right to preach all of the moral and ethical precepts of the Gospel without government interference. Government programs should be kept out.

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Chuck Morse is the host the radio talk show "Chuck Morse Speaks" which is nationally syndicated on the IRN/USA Radio Network Mon - Fri 10 AM - Noon ET. He is the author of books as well as columns that have been published in The Boston Globe, The Washington Times, The Providence Journal, the New Bedford Standard Times, WND, Newsmax and Front Page. Chuck Morse received the 2003 Communicator of the Year award from the National Right to Work Committee and was named a "Heavy 100" Radio Talk Host by Talkers Magazine. Morse ran for Congress in 2004 against Rep. Barney Frank in Massachusetts.
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