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Is Obama a Nazi?

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Marius Forte: Author of THE ANSWER; Proof of God in Heaven


Is Obama a Nazi?

So asks Marius Forte, the author (with Sam Sorbo) of the new book, The Answer: Proof of God in Heaven 

Marius Forte, international businessman Austrian native and the author of the new book The Answer: Proof of God in Heaven   sees too many parallels between the governing style and political philosophy of President Barack Obama and Nazism. “I’m not suggesting that Obama is planning to turn the US into a totalitarian state, or to launch a world war, or to commit genocide” states Forte. “However, in an American context, Obama has embraced aspects of National Socialist ideas to a much higher degree than did any previous American president.”

Forte’ raises the following issues to back up his argument:

1.  Hyper-Nationalism
Obama promotes the interests of nationalized education in the form of the Common Core Curriculum, nationalized welfare with the expansion of federally run welfare programs such as food stamps and, or course, his signature nationalized health-care program known as Obamacare. A core principle of National Socialism is the nanny state which is involved in controlling as many aspects of the lives of the citizen as possible.

2.  Use of federal agencies for political purposes:
 Obama’s IRS harasses opponents of the regime. The National Socialists utilized national agencies such as the Gestapo to attack their political opponents.

3. Spying on citizens.
Obama has expanded the surveillance powers of the NSA to the degree that the agency is gathering information on tens of millions of Americans by eavesdropping on telephone calls and snooping on computers. The National Socialists employed party operatives and allies to spy on their neighbors.

4. The cult of personality
Never before, not even in the presidency of George Washington who was the hero of the American Revolution and the father of the nation, has a president had such a cult following. While Washington was considered as a citizen among equals, Obama has been treated as a virtual deity above criticism. Every socialist dictator, Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Mao etc…had a cult of personality.

5. Nazism was Socialistic
The official name of the Nazi Party was NSDAP, the National Sozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter Partei, or the National Socialist German Workers Party. Nazism was essentially a radical Socialist workers movement that was by all indications left-progressive. There was nothing conservative and certainly nothing libertarian about the Nazi movement which heavily regulated business and property and which was anti-clerical and anti-religious.

6. Nazism was anti-gun     
Hitler had to disarm the German people in order to take over the country. The Obama Administration has launched a vigorous attack on the Second Amendment right of the American citizen to keep and bear arms. Our first amendment rights are attacked via a multitude of tools, like political correctness meant to suppress the opposition.

7. Nazism controlled the youth     
Hitler knew that he had to control the youth so all school curricular where brought under state control, as Hitler stated : give me your youth for 4 years and I will own them for a lifetime. The Common Core Curriculum seeks to nationalize education as states and local communities cede their ability to control the education of their own children as the government pays them off with large sums of money.

8. Demagogic double-speak     
Hitler was a master in the art of the dialectic as he employed deceptive double-speak. In classic Socialist fashion, Hitler expressed opposite ideas in the same sentence as he engaged in what French scholar Alain Besancon called “the language of ideology.” Obama employs a similar style of communication.

Schedule Marius Forte’ for an intriguing debate that engages the listeners in thought provoking examination of present trends in American politics and culture. 

MariusForte135.jpgMarius Forte’  
Born in Vienna, he traveled and worked extensively throughout Europe,
most of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, exploring religions, cultures
and political systems.  He is a practicing Catholic. 

SamSorbo1396025_678278472206309_637751394_a.jpgSam Sorbo
International fashion model, real estate developer, actress, wife, mother
of three and founder of Truefeminist.com.  A talk radio host, she speaks
five languages fluently and advocates home schooling.

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