Sunday, February 23, 2014

Part 2: Clabe Taylor - Spymasters Literary Guild

Chuck Morse Speaks 
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Part 2: Clabe Taylor - Spymasters Literary Guild

Chuck Morse is joined by CLABE TAYLOR, one of the founding members of SPYMASTERS Literary Guild. Clabe is a veteran and former foreign service officer with many years of service in the Soviet Bloc, Europe, and Latin America. During and after the fall of the USSR, Clabe worked in private industry in Russia, Ukraine, and Central Asia. He speaks Russian, Ukrainian, and Spanish in addition to his native English.

Clabe Taylor is the author of the novel TEX MEX:

Creed Tucker is an old-school Texas cowboy who finds himself at the epicenter of a firestorm when a Mexican drug cartel moves its operations across the Rio Grande River. With the governments in Austin and Washington fighting each other rather than the cartel, Creed and his Mexican wife Guadalupe are forced to take a stand. With the help of Mako Sloane and a team of retired CIA operatives, Creed learns of a bizarre conspiracy to seize political control of South Texas involving the drug cartel, the leading Mexican presidential candidate, and a high-ranking U.S. politician. Creed and his allies navigate their way through kidnappings, murders, and assassination attempts that threaten to unravel the very fabric of Texas society and destroy the Tucker family…only to discover that the real threat lies much closer to home.

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