Monday, March 31, 2014

Dave Corbin - Federalist Update, Steve Deace - Rules for Patriots

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Dave Corbin - Federalist Update, Steve Deace - Rules for Patriots

In the second hour of the broadcast Chuck Morse interviews Dave Corbin of The Federalist, which is issuing Federalist Updates that apply the principles of the Federalist Papers to the politics and culture of today.

Chuck than interviews nationally syndicated radio talk show host Steve Deace, author of RULES FOR PATRIOTS: HOW CONSERVATIVES CAN WIN AGAIN.

Information about Rules for Patriots:



Steve Deace, is author of the book Rules for Patriots: How Conservatives Can Win Again.

The Statist Marxist Left in America is propped up by a four-legged stool. If you do not cut off the legs of this stool you cannot defeat them. If a candidate for office you’re supporting doesn’t at least threaten one of these stools, they’re a waste of your time. If you’re supporting a candidate that enables any of these four stools, you’re supporting your opponent.

(1) The child-killing industry: Abortion is the oldest and most lucrative revenue stream to the American Left. On average, about 4,000 babies are killed via abortion in America each day, and the average cost is about $500 per kill. That’s $2 million dollars per day, and if you multiply that by 365 days a year you come up with a $730 million annual industry that produces a lot of potential Democratic Party donations from Planned Parenthood, the leading child-killer in the country.

(2) The homosexual lobby: Although not as vast as the child-killing industry, through moguls like Tim Gill and David Geffen the homosexual lobby has become one of the biggest revenue streams for the American Left. Leftist cultural enclaves like Hollywood that are the most hostile to any form of Judeo-Christian moral tradition have embraced lifestyles healthier civilizations have traditionally referred to as immoral and discouraged.

(3) Government Education: The government schools K-12, and on into college, have essentially become the youth ministry for secular progressives. It is here, with the aid of pop culture, that they have established their feeder system to replenish their ranks every generation.

(4) Government Sector Employee Unions: This is the mobocracy the American Left uses to intimidate Republicans into caving into more big government, and groups like AFSCME provide the worker bees/ground troops for the Left’s army in the culture war. They are the most dedicated foot soldiers they have, and why wouldn’t they be?

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