Friday, March 14, 2014

Fairness Radio - last broadcast

Chuck Morse Speaks 
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Fairness Radio - last broadcast

Chuck Morse bring down the curtain on 2 years of left-right debate. Patrick announced that he considered talk about Hitler and Nazism to be "irrelevant" and that he would henceforth refuse to discuss Nazism on the show since it happened 60 years ago.

Chuck responded by noting that such a refusal to discuss Nazism on Patrick's part was "disgraceful." Patrick responded by notifying Chuck that if he wanted to continue to discuss Nazism he would have to find another co-host.

Chuck responded in an email after the show that a refusal to be willing to discuss Nazism, Hitler, the Holocaust etc..on Patrick's part was unacceptable to him and that his attitude bordered on Holocaust denial, As a Jew and as an American Chuck would therefore no longer continue with the broadcast for conscience reasons.

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