Thursday, March 13, 2014

Operation American Spring - May 16, 2014

Chuck Morse Speaks 

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Operation American Spring - May 16, 2014

Chuck Morse is joined by Chris Blystone in a talk about Operation American Spring set to commence May 16, 2014.

PRIME DIRECTIVE: Restoration of OUR Ninth and Tenth Amendment laws which limit Republicans and Democrats in Congress and the Executive Branch to eighteen powers and spending itemized under Article I Section 8 of the Constitution in accordance with the Supremacy clause of Article VI clause 2.

SECOND DIRECTIVE: Inform and ENCOURAGE all Americans and our home Countries, which form "a more perfect Union" of fifty free and sovereign States, to SPONSOR AND PASS "Joint State Sovereignty Resolutions with ARREST Provisions along with vital companion legislation which shall lead up to well contemplated, well deliberated, well organized, well orchestrated, incremental State NULLIFICATION of ALL Federal Spending, without prejudice, all Unlawful Acts and all usurpations by Congress and the Executive branch that exceed the eighteen limited powers and spending items granted them under Article I Section 8, of The Constitution, pursuant to our Ninth and Tenth Amendment laws on them and the supremacy clause of Article VI clause 2 as well. All other powers and spending, according to our Tenth Amendment law shall be handled by and/or paid for by the States or the people.

THIRD DIRECTIVE: Restore the balance of OUR Bill of Rights and The Constitution.

FOURTH DIRECTIVE: Along with the incremental State nullification of all spending not granted to Congress or the Executive branch, shall be incremental State nullification of all withholding taxes, all employment taxes, and all income taxes in obedience to the findings and rulings of The Supreme Court of The United States who ruled; "The Sixteenth Amendment confers NO NEW TAXES on anyone who wasn't taxable before it." This will nearly double the current size of all Middle Class American paychecks so that We and our home Countries can pay for whatever WE desire, want or need for ourselves.

FIFTH DIRECTIVE: Replace a handful of the worst Republican and Democrat usurpers and despots, including President Barry Soetaro, with temporary replacements, pending an emergency election, with our replacements, as well as all remaining Republican and Democrat officials, all limited to the eighteen powers and spending enumerated under Article I Section 8 of The Constitution.

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