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We can blame the Enviro-crats for Russian aggression

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Marius Forte’
Author (with Sam Sorbo)


We can blame the Enviro-crats for Russian aggression

Europe stands by helplessly while Russia wolfs down a slice of  sovereign Ukraine thanks to leftist environmentalists who run the European Union notes Marius Forte, Austrian native, international executive and author of The Answer: Proof of God in Heaven 

The writing was on the wall. Europe is completely dependent on Russian
gas deliveries. This gave Russia billions of Euros that they used to empower themselves, but even worse, it made Europe dependent on Russia's whims. Now Europe winces and hopes the tasty Crimean morsel leaves the Russian bear satiated. Does anyone remember Sudetenland? How about Yalta?

Europe is on notice.
There is not too much they can do about Crimea without interrupting Russia's gas deliveries.
They could have had their very own shoal oil and gas energy explosion like the U S, but the EU environmentalist radicals made fracking a word that no one was allowed to utter in public.

The criminal socialist Eurocrats want to plan everything. They want to plan economy, currency, politics, land, media, and culture just as they planned race and ethnicity in Germany in the 1930’s.

In their brilliance, they so massively limited Fracking that Europe is now dependent on Russia's policies, whatever they may be and Russia cares not about such environmental utopian pap. Operating in the national interest of their country, Russia, in a strange way more free than Europe, went ahead and developed their natural resources.

So fracking in Europe bad, dependency and the transfer of billions and billions to an aggressive Russia good. 

For such demented policies, we need look no further than here in the good old U. S of A. Under Republican Governor Tom Corbett, Pennsylvania is experiencing a true boom in energy exploration, with an economy that is reaping the seeds of Capitalism. Not only is energy getting cheaper, but the amount of good jobs that create a ripple effect of wealth and prosperity is being spread around. The average worker makes in excess of $ 60,000 a year.

This wave of prosperity stops cold on the New York border where Governor Cuomo decided against Fracking. Liberals have always held a strong level of contempt for working people. They would rather travel in the rarefied world of the theoretical. The top 1% after all, which is overwhelmingly liberal, already made their money. 

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Marius Forte’:
Born in Vienna, he traveled and worked extensively throughout Europe,
most of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, exploring religions, cultures
and political systems.  He is a practicing Catholic. 

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