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Equality - The Old Lie

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TOPIC: Equality - The Old Lie

Marius Forte’
Author (with Sam Sorbo)

Equality - The Old Lie

Are we equal? If the natural state of the human race is equality then the statement below would be of course false. See and judge for yourself who's argument you
believe to be true:

We are Catholics and Jews and Moslems and Lutherans and
Baptists and Atheists and Agnostics and Buddhists and Hindus  and many many more.
We are White and Black and Hispanic and Asian and many more.
We  are men and woman , we are tall and small , smart and stupid,
slim or heavy, healthy or sick, athletic and lethargic, blond and red haired and dark, we are industrious and lazy , driven or not, educated or not,
complex and simple , old and young, refined or not, aggressive and
passive, outspoken or shy, successful and not, into sports or into cocking
or into knitting, lovers of art or lovers of gardening, business oriented
or nature lovers, we are responsible or irresponsible, we take drugs
or stay sober, we are positive or negative, we are givers or takers,  we believe in family or are loners, we are kind and compassionate or selfish, and many many many more.

We are diverse which is the opposite of equal.
In order to create equality across the board it would be like reinventing
nature and enslaving all people to follow a government imposed
general standard that goes against their very own nature of the human race.
It would be the same as outlawing gravity and passing a law that water should run up hills. We to the contrary should embrace diversity as that is the wealth of the human race.

It is ironic that the left on the surface seems to embrace diversity but then wants to
impose a standard of equality for all ( never for themselves of course ) .

The old battle cry “equality" continues the big lie of the Socialist and Marxist movement. We get “equality” in exchange for sacrificing our nature ,our privacy, our property, our freedom. They ask us to trust them, the so-called enlightened experts who promise “equality.”

But are we equal? We are born equal, in the image of God, and we die equal. The good society strives toward the imperfect ideal of equal rights and equal justice under the law. But we are not and we will never be de-facto equal.
Karl Marx offered a formula for creating absolute equality, for achieving his demented fantasy of a collectivist one-world ant-colony where each person would serve as a cog in a mechanized wheel. That formula called for the abolition of ideas and institutions that make us unequal, ideas that Marx called “false consciousness.” He sought to abolish property, religion, family, love, money, trade, conventional morality and, at the core, individual identity itself.

Attempts to implement “equality” have caused more death, more poverty, more human suffering than has any idea known to humanity. Yet the social planners continue to promise us "equality."

To demonstrate the absurd and destructive nature of "equality" please follow
this example:

A few months ago, we had a worldwide-celebrated event that glorified

This event is called the Olympics.

Watched by over a billion people around the globe, anticipated, reported on, we honored the athletes that were victorious with gold medals and they were physically raised above the others on pedestals. The second prize is a silver medal yet the place reserved for this athlete is a step below the gold medal winner.

If we eliminated this system of success, and promised ALL participants equality,
say, a Green Medal, than no matter how hard they trained, worked, sweated and tried,
all outcome would be guaranteed to be equal via a Green Medal. This would, of course, be the end of the Olympic Games. No athlete would get up at 5 am every morning and go through years of training just to have a guaranteed equal outcome with other athletes that may not even try at all or just show up and receive their Green Medal.

This would destroy the Olympics for everyone and turn them into a farce.

One practical result of the Socialist and Communist political experiments was the development of a two-tier political class system. Thus it was equality which proved to be the “false consciousness” to borrow the phrase Marx used to describe freedom and natural rights. In Socialist or Communist societies more than 99% of the population had nothing , no freedom, no rights, while the top 1 %, the ruling Socialist Master Ɯberclass owned everything.

It was State legalized slavery on the most massive scale ever seen. From North Korea to the USSR to Nazi Germany wherever this socialist virus of state imposed "equality" found its home, misery in unfathomable dimensions followed.

Today the top 1%, the so-called progressives, are moving to the fore in America. Obama speaks of hope and change as he nationalizes whole areas of American life in the name of “equality.” He expands the powers of centralized federal agencies, made up of the same so-called enlightened experts who seek to control healthcare through Obamacare, education through the Common Core Curriculum, the environment with virtual dictatorial power over property as exercised by the EPA and Agenda 21, and the use of rogue agencies such as the IRS to attack the political opposition.

Orwell was off by a mere 30 years.

Issues covered by Marius Forte:
Obama assuming dictatorial powers


Marius Forte’:
Born in Vienna, he traveled and worked extensively throughout Europe,
most of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, exploring religions, cultures
and political systems.  He is a practicing Catholic. 

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