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Significance of Sainthood for Pope John Paul II

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Marius Forte’
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Marius Forte, International executive, author of The Answer: Proof of God in Heaven and a devout Catholic congratulates Pope Francis for declaring Pope John Paul II and Pope John XXIII as saints.

While expressing admiration for the accomplishments of Pope John XXIII, Forte notes that Pope John Paul II changed the history of the world with his courageous spiritual leadership. Pope John Paul II stood up to the old and discredited Communist conspiracy in Europe and by doing so, he played a key role in its collapse in the Soviet Union and in Eastern Europe. For this alone, notes Forte, John Paul II is a saint.

The Polish Pope, the Blessed John Paul, started the ball rolling with his June, 1979 pastoral trip to Poland which at the time was chafing under the brutal jack-boot of  a Soviet backed left-wing “progressive” communist regime. The Pope held an out-door Mass that was attended by over one million people, the largest gathering in history for a single event.
At that historic Mass, the Pope told his fellow Catholics to be good, not to compromise, to stick by one another, to be fearless, and that God is the only source of goodness, the only standard of conduct. “Be not afraid,” he said as millions responded, “We want God! We want God! We want God!” The Communist overloads in Warsaw cowered. Labor leader Lech Walesa formed Solidarity in response and thus the death knell was struck for Communism, which collapsed ten years later.
Recognizing the threat Pope John Paul II posed to their “progressive” agenda, the Soviets sent an assassin who rained a hail of gunfire on the Pope on May 13, 1981 as he drove through Saint Pater’s Square at the Vatican. The fact that John Paul, who was struck four times, survived is miracle in itself.
Pope John Paul stepped outside of the realm of merely a being one of the greatest spiritual leaders for his church and for the world. Working with freedom oriented leaders such as Ronald Reagan, Minister Margaret Thatcher, Lech Walesa and Vaclav Havel, Pope John Paul II, through the sheer strength of his moral clarity and through his incomparable personal courage and energy, freed tens of millions of human beings from the horrors and from the bone-crushing millstone of leftist Communism. For this, alone, clearly, Pope John Paul II is a saint.   
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Marius Forte’:
Born in Vienna, he traveled and worked extensively throughout Europe,
most of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, exploring religions, cultures
and political systems.  He is a practicing Catholic. 

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