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Marius Forte’
Author (with Sam Sorbo)


An American flag T-shirt ban by a California school district on Cinco de Mayo was due to concerns that displays of patriotism would offend Mexican students. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals responded with a ruling upholding the ban on free speech and expression. Cinco de Mayo is a celebration commemorating a victory by Mexico over France.
International executive Marius Forte, author of The Answer: Proof of God in Heaven  says this form of moral equivalence erodes and ultimately destroys truths and freedom.

We have a first amendment that guarantees free speech, period notes Forte.

The liars apply their relativistic equivalence and the truth is out the window.
When Americana are told, indeed ordered by a law backed by a judge not to display the American flag than this is the perpetuation of a lie.

This is why.

America fought many battles over the past 150 years, most of them for freedom.
With the exception of certain wars against Native American tribes, as America is not perfect, the rest of those wars did not occupy, subdue, plunder, or imprison a former foe.

America fought two World Wars, at considerable sacrifice in blood and treasure, without seeking occupation or plunder. Americans sacrificed in wars to save millions of people from the jack-boot aggression of left-wing Communist invaders in Korea and Vietnam.

In the two Iraq Wars America fought Saddam's army and then left even though Kuwait and Iraq are amongst richest oil countries in the world. Any other occupier would have stayed and raped the oil out of the ground and kept it. America paid for every barrel of Oil.

The flag of freedom and liberty flew in front of every American military campaign. At every point of entry into this great Land stands The American Flag today,
representing the values that compelled millions of people to come to this land often at great personal risk. Millions applied for US citizenship in front of the American flag.

Generations of oppressed people around the world overcame insurmountable difficulties to come and swear an oath of allegiance to this flag.

Now fast forward to the insanities of the new left where wearing this symbol
of greatness and liberty on any day in their twisted minds should be banned.
The values of liberty and freedom are a thorn in their side. The flag bothers them in their agenda of applying their perverted moral equivalence, their relativism, as they
invent scenarios where the flag would bother some students on some day
and therefore, they claim, the flag should be outlawed it on that day.

Do we outlaw atheists from delivering distasteful and insulting messages on Christmas? Do we outlaw Muslims from expressing their faith during Easter?
Many Christians are rightfully outraged and insulted by atheists displaying and delivering hateful messages yet as Americans we permit it.

We understand that in a free society, people are insulted every day yet we assume a live and let live attitude toward those who do not share our values and faith with the understanding that this is the price of freedom. The Flag stands for the freedoms we all share; including those deny that they too benefit from the blessings that emanate from those freedoms the flag represents.

It is ironic that some who immigrate to this Country in order to experience freedom
turn around and attack it. They should never have come here! They should go to Cuba or North Korea or Iran, countries that represent the values they claim to admire. What is more ironic is those who have lived here all their lives, those who often live in the lap of luxuries made possible by those freedoms, those who then turn around and symbolically spit on the flag.

I believe in the right of free expression, a right that the American flag represents. When it comes to free speech there should be no middle ground. When we compromise on that fundamental right, we lose a piece of our freedom.
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Marius Forte’:
Born in Vienna, he traveled and worked extensively throughout Europe,
most of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, exploring religions, cultures
and political systems.  He is a practicing Catholic. 

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