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The Democrat "Tax the Rich" Mantra

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Marius Forte’
Author (with Sam Sorbo)

The Democrat "Tax the Rich" Mantra

The liberal Democrats drone on endlessly about the need to tax the rich but such taxes do not lead to prosperity notes international executive Marius Forte, author of The Answer: Proof of God in Heaven. Indeed the government receives less tax revenue by raising taxes as less capital in the hands of the creators of capital means less investment and less jobs and taxable income. Putting aside the Reagan earned income tax credit, which means that the working poor pay no federal taxes, is it good public policy to raise taxes on the most successful segment of society? 
Greece, Spain, Italy and Portugal all are some of the highest taxed countries in Europe and all are falling of the fiscal financial cliff.

In addition, these nations have destroyed their middle class with Socialism as the accompanying anti - business policies of redistribution and the layers of impregnable government regulations have forced business to take their investments and jobs off shore. With unemployment in the mid-twenties and with chronic youth unemployment in the mid to high 50%, the European Socialists believe that more of the same poison will heal the ills of society.

Even if we hit the top 1 % earners with a punitive 100% tax, this would do Zero to help the middle class. Zero because the money taken from the class that creates and invests capital would be gone as businesses in the US would pack up and move out. Either way, the government would pass around money extracted working people as they dole out the loot to their friends. In the case of the liberal Democrats and the Obama Administration, the recipients of the loot are crony capitalists, public sector employees and the growing numbers of cadres who are paid not to work.

France is an example of a nation confronting the consequences of high taxes and creeping levels of authoritarian socialism.. The top earners in France are now punished with a 75% tax rate. Did this help the middle class?

No. The middle class in France is now shrinking faster than ever, as the French are getting poorer. What is the answer offered by the French Socialists when confronted with their utterly failed policies?

The same as it always is and has been. More poison in the form of even higher tax rates and more anti-business regulations.

Liberals simply do not understand how the free market works. They believe that money is a finite commodity, a cake that must be evenly sliced and shared. The free market has proven that money is an abstract reflection of value and human ability and that, as such, money is as infinite as is the human imagination. For example, the invention and marketing of the personal computer by companies like Microsoft and Apple in the 1990’s led to a huge expansion of wealth at all levels where it did not previously exist. This expansion of wealth would not have occurred had the personal computer not been invented and marketed.

China was poor under Communism as China guaranteed all but the 0.01%
equal poverty and enslavement. A little over two decades has now passed since China embraced Capitalistic principles and the result is an enormous creation of wealth in China. It is amazing to observe that this simple principle is not lost on the Chinese but is willfully ignored by the American left. 
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Marius Forte’:
Born in Vienna, he traveled and worked extensively throughout Europe,
most of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, exploring religions, cultures
and political systems.  He is a practicing Catholic. 

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