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Conservative Party USA represents good government

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The Conservative Party Represents Good Government
By Chuck Morse, Radio Host, IRN/USA Radio Networ

The Conservative Party stands for an old-fashioned idea, one the two major political parties used to champion, and that is the exposure and the ferreting out of corruption in government.  This issue, while not sexy or exciting, holds public agencies of the Federal Government accountable to the taxpayers.  The Conservatives also demand that Federal agencies operate within the letter and the spirit of the U.S. Constitution.

The Conservative Party website is publishing a three-part series, written by a whistleblower, called Putting People First...NOT that exposes corruption in the US Department of Agriculture.  The type of corruption described in this blockbuster exists in most other federal agencies as well and it involves institutional political nepotism and constitutional over-reach.  The USDA is openly hiring and promoting personnel based on race and gender and the agency his doling out money to select farmers and denying others (See link to Podcast interview below).

While a certain degree of affirmative action is justifiable, the preferential treatment for people deemed members of what the left calls “protected classes” has become so pervasive that the government has become top heavy with less qualified people or qualified who are passed over have left or have been shut out.  Moral is down the tubes.  The result is a sense of entitlement on the part of public employees, a dumbed down and mediocre performance, and an expansion in taxpayer funded benefits.

White men still get ahead if they sufficiently genuflect to the left. Conversely, a Black man or a woman who is Conservative can “forget about it” as they say in Brooklyn.  The reform movement was designed to reduce patronage began during the Rutherford B. Hayes Administration.  Now it’s completely out the window as politically connected liberal Democrat hacks push the Constitutional envelope, award themselves with lavish benefits, and set-up themselves so the gravy train will roll along no matter who is elected to office.  If Republicans had any political courage (which they do not) they would conduct a full forensic audit of expenses and personnel with an eye toward achieving another old-fashioned goal, one that seems almost quaint in these times of 17 Trillion dollar deficits: efficiency.

The expose' demonstrates how the USDA raises taxes, which are called by other names such as “fees”, and how they enact laws which are called other names such as “regulations.”  The US Constitution states that Congress, and only Congress on the federal level, has the power to raise taxes and make laws.  The USDA is doing an end run around Congress and the Republicans in Congress have done very little to stop this usurpation of their constitutional prerogatives.  The result has been government that is not representative of “we the people”.

The result of this authoritarian trend is troubling.  The USDA, for example, is apparently granting favors and doling out taxpayer money to farmers in special areas and not in others.  The EPA, in an even more ominous development, is now assuming control over America’s rivers, ponds, streams and wetlands.  We learned from the Cliven Bundy standoff that the Bureau of Land Management controls over half of the land west of the Mississippi.  The IRS uses its fearful powers to obstruct and harass those individuals and groups who are not friendly to the regime thus squelching dissent.

Other usurpations of power by our out of control federal agencies include the stockpiling of weapons and ammunition and the military training occurring at a number of agencies including the Department of Education and even the US Postal Service.  This constitutes the piecemeal development of a national police force.  CP USA demands that all federal agencies return to their congressionally mandated and constitutional missions.

The Conservative Party is developing a grass roots political movement that stands for a return to self-government through representation. In these dangerous times, they represent a beacon of light in the darkness.

PODCAST Interview, CP--USA Chairman, H.M.Hervey

H. Michael Hervey
Conservative Party USA
Twitter: @cpartyusa_01

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