Thursday, June 12, 2014

Obama's retreat

Marius Forte’
Author (with Sam Sorbo)
Chuck Morse; 

Obama's retreat 

Obama is narcissistic community organizer President who has put his own leftist ideology over the security and success of the US. As a consequence America and large areas of the rest of the world now face defeat at the hands of radical forces. Iraq is the most recent casualty.

Imagine FDR declaring the war with Nazi Germany over on 
Dec. 31st 1942. The consequence would have altered world history forever.

The hard fought victory in Iraq is now being surrendered to the most radical Islamic element in the region. Either by sheer ignorance or by design, Obama's foreign policy is a disaster bordering on treason.

From the deluge in Afghanistan to the ever increasing nuclear threat of Iran and North Korea, from an emboldened China to the dismemberment of Ukraine and on to Syria, Libya, North Africa and now Iraq, America is in retreat. Our allies dont trust us and and our enemies see our weakness. We invite conflict now that Obama has reversed the peace through strength policy of Ronald Reagan and his successors.

If Obama had been a leader like Ronald Reagan, who confronted the old Soviet Union and who brought the decaying totalitarian edifice to its knees without firing a shot, the Islamic world would be a lot better off today.

Reagan defeated the communist Evil Empire without firing a shot as he tightened the economic screws, launched a pro-American media campaign and formed strong alliances with other freedom-loving leaders such as Margaret Thatcher and Pope John Paul II.

Obama will go down in history as having laid the groundwork for a multitude of future conflicts that will spread like a brushfire in a dried out prairie.
Is this what Obama meant when he spoke of fundamentally changing America?

Never in the History of the world has the most powerful country of its time surrendered power and invited its enemies to storm it's gates.
A Caliphate is now a true possibility in the Middle East. 

Every American president from Washington to Bush understood American exceptionalism and the rest of the world looked to us as an example. 

In April 2009, President Obama, responding to a journalist in Strasbourg, France, said:

I believe in American exceptionalism, just as I suspect that the Brits believe in British exceptionalism and the Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism.

Obama failed to understand the principles that make America exceptional and the rest of the world now suffers from his ignorance or malfeasance. 


Marius Forte’:
Born in Vienna, he traveled and worked extensively throughout Europe,
most of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, exploring religions, cultures
and political systems.  He is a practicing Catholic. 

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