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Bill Ayres - Obama's Mentor

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Bill Ayres - Obama's Mentor 

Unlike fellow domestic terrorist Timothy McVeigh, who was rightfully executed for his crime of blowing up a federal building in Oklahoma City, Bill Ayers, who was also responsible for bombing a federal building, has gone on to enjoy a comfortable bourgeois life as a tenured professor. Revered on the left, Ayres knew Barack Obama for over a decade in Chicago and, along with his terrorist wife Bernadine Dohrn, hosted candidate Obama at their comfortable home as he announced his candidacy for State Senate. He reportedly ghost-wrote at least one of Obama’s books.

The un-repentant terrorist explained to Fox News host Megan Kelly that he bombed federal facilities because 6,000 Vietnamese where bombed allegedly every week in the Vietnam War.

International businessperson and Austrian native who now lives in New York Marius Forte wonders whether Ayers would have become a terrorist if he lived in the 40's during the time when the US bombed Nazi Germany.

“America was fighting against a diabolical and evil enemy, notes Forte, but either you choose the wrong side, the evil side, and you choose the good side, the side that stands for everything that is valiant and noble, the side that was willing to go to battle for other countries to free them from an insane and monstrous ideology.”

Larry Grathwohl, the FBI agent who infiltrated Bill Ayers organization testified that had they obtained power, the Weather Underground would have built massive re- education camps and would have probably eliminated 25 Million people as “enemies of the masses.”

This has certainly been the policy of Ayres fellow radical socialists, Communists, Nazi Socialists, once they achieved power so why would Ayers, and his ilk have acted any differently? 

In Vietnam, the US was at war with an ideology that Ayres held as sacred. Is it because he was a diehard Communist, an ideology that murdered more people, many many more people that even the leftist Hitler and his national Socialists could master.

As it is, liberal Democrats, elected to Congress in 1975 in the wake of the Nixon resignation, sold out South Vietnam by suddenly cutting off all financial and military assistance and stabbing our ally in the back. We should recall that Nixon and Kissinger had signed a peace treaty with North Vietnam in January, 1973 and all hostilities ceased. We won the war! 

A few weeks after the perfidious Democrats in Congress, led by Ted Kennedy and the newly elected liberal Democrat Senators Joe Biden and Patrick Leahy, orchestrated the total cut-off in aid, North Vietnam, with a massive infusion of tanks and artillery from the Soviet Union, rolled south with a full-scale invasion.

The aftermath of the sell-out was the occupation of South Vietnam by the Communists, hundreds of thousands of people fleeing on rickety boats in shark-infested waters, and over a million murdered at the hand of Marxist leader Pol Pot in Cambodia. It should be recalled that the great humanitarian liberal Democrat President Jimmy Carter never said a word as the Pol Pot genocide was underway during his tenure. Neither did Bill Ayres and company.

We are now finding out what Obama meant when he spoke of fundamentally changing America, a phrase he might as well have lifted from his mentor Bill Ayers.

Now, to make it simple, would you start your political career from the living room of a man who wanted to destroy America? A man who hates America, someone like Osama Bin Laden?

Of course not. If you did, you would probably be savvy enough to hide your true beliefs while implementing your radical agenda. Actions speak louder than words as many Americans are now coming to realize.

Indeed, Obamas hatred for America has caused him to sell-out relatively moderate Muslim governments in Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Egypt in favor the radicals. He does this because, like his mentor Bill Ayres, he views America as an imperialistic power that is successful because it has exploited others and that, as such, America must be cut down to size. The consequences to the people of the Muslim world will no doubt be the same as it was for the freedom-loving people of South Vietnam and Cambodia after they too were sold out. 


Marius Forte’:
Born in Vienna, he traveled and worked extensively throughout Europe,
most of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, exploring religions, cultures
and political systems.  He is a practicing Catholic. 

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