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Netroots Nation - 2014 in Detroit? How ironic!

Netroots Nation - 2014 in Detroit?  How ironic! 

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Netroots Nation - 2014 in Detroit? How ironic! 
"How ironic it is that Netroots Nation, the annual conclave of so-called progressive activists and media types, is gathering in Detroit this year of all places" notes conservative pundit and author Chuck Morse.

"I wonder if they'll wander too far outside of their plush digs" observes Morse, who attended Netroots in 2012 as the co-host of a left-right radio talk show.  

If they do, it won't take too long for them to bump up against what several generations of liberal Democratic "progressive" governments have done for that city. They might see, if they care to look, the miles of abandoned buildings, the rat-infested lots and the garbage. 

It's not likely, however, that their ideological blinders will slip.
If they did, which they won't, they might notice what decades of high taxes and anti-business policies have done to choke the life-blood out of Detroit. They might agree with those who have suggested that the only option for Detroit to be turned back into to a cow-pasture.

Maybe they might even consider asking their public union friends about the effect they had on Detroit given that they sucked everything out of the city long ago along with their corrupt Democrat party machine friends. They all grabbed up everything they could get their hands on. 

"The cult-hero of the Netroots progressives in 2012 was the corrupt uber-corporate hack Elizabeth Warren" notes Morse, "who is due for a triumphal return this year." Warren is a corporate hack who got six figure checks from such "millionaire and billionaire" corporations as Dow Chemical among others. The champion of women, Warren helped Dow in their effort to stop women trying to get justice for the ill effects of the petro-chemical company's toxic breast implants.

"I wonder if the Netroots crowd might bring this up to her... somehow I doubt it" notes Morse. 

Warren cheated on affirmative action by falsely claiming to be a women of color in her application for tenure at Harvard. Worth $11 million based on her 2011 tax return, she shook down Harvard for $375 K per year to teach one class. Harvard even threw in a free house and a zero interest loan. Yet Warren yammers on incessantly about the high cost of education as she asks tax-payers, those of us who actually work, to bail out student loans.

The gold-plated phony Warren is the ideal symbol for Netroots. So is Detroit. 

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