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Satanic grave-robbery on display in Boston

Satanic grave-robbery on display in Boston 

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Satanic grave-robbers display their wares in Boston

It seems like everywhere I turn, in my hometown of Boston, I see highway billboards, sides of buses, taxi-tops, subway ads, street ads, magazine and newspaper ads and TV ads with color photos of dead human corpses crafted in what are supposed to be interesting poses such as one swinging a baseball bat and another sitting on a park bench notes Boston radio talk show host and author Chuck Morse.   

Is it just me or is anyone else as disgusted as I am by this evil display of grave robbery. 

Body Worlds Boston: http://www.bodyworldsboston.com 
has human bodies hanging from meat hooks at historic Faneuil Hall Marketplace in Downtown Boston for all to see. 

Apparently people whose are now dead gave permission before they passed on to the afterlife for their remains to undergo a form of taxidermy so that their dead bodies could be used for this entertainment. We are supposed to think that there is something edifying about this ghoulishness.

I don't care whether permission was granted. This is a satanic desecration of the human body and the participants ought to be brought up on charges in a criminal court for grave robbery as should everyone else who is profiting from this heinous and utterly disgraceful spectacle.

This is a sacrilegious violation of the most fundamental tenets of Christianity Judaism and Islam. This is desensitizing millions of people who are exposed to this multi-million dollar media campaign as it cheapens and comodifies human life.


I have worked in the outdoor advertising industry and I have rarely seen such an expensive or more visual media campaign other than perhaps one that advertises Coca-Cola or Snickers. I would like to know exactly who is financing this atrocity.

The campaign is so massive and visual that it makes me wonder if this is not part of some sort of social change-agent agenda and that Boston, with its liberal reputation, is not being targeted for a social experiment that emphasizes moral relativism by stripping away the basic respect that human societies going back to ancient times have shown for the dead. 

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