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Palestine is Sovereign

Palestine is Sovereign 

Chuck Morse

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Palestine is Sovereign

When the missiles stop firing into Israel from Gaza and the tunnels have been destroyed, when relative quiet descends on southern Israel, the Palestinian Authority and their allies on the left will once again demand absolute sovereignty for Palestinians west of the Jordan River. This is as predictable as the sun rising.

But the simple fact  is that the Palestinians have already achieved sovereignty in the West Bank and they certainly have achieved sovereignty in Gaza.

Indeed The Palestinian Authority is already an elected and recognized sovereign entity that presently wields regional governing power over Palestinian communities on the West Bank. The Palestinian Authority would no doubt achieve more regional governing powers in the event of the attainment of peace. With peace. the PA might achieve a condominium in Jerusalem to serve as their administrative capital and they might grant citizenship and regulate commerce, education, and other functions of governance. With peace, the PA might  receive a select number of elected representatives to serve as members of the Israeli Knesset.

But this is not what the radicals have in mind. They want to ethnically cleanse all Jews from the West Bank making sure the region Judenrein. We're talking here about approximately 350 thousand Jews that they want stripped from their homes and kicked out simply because they are Jews. 
The radicals want to create their own army, open their borders and set their own foreign policy. They want Israel to at the same time weaken their border and put their own people at risk of attack by suicide bombers by taking down their protective wall and by swinging open the gates to their check-points to allow all to enter freely. They want Israel to welcome millions of Arab immigrants who claim, most often dubiously, that their previous generations had resided in Israel which they insist gives them such rights.

This is exactly what Israel did in Gaza and we saw how that turned out. Israel ethnically cleansed Gaza of Jews who were forced to abandon their successful organic farms. Israel turned Gaza over to the Palestinians who achieved absolute sovereignty. We saw what happened when the Palestinians of Gaza built their own Army, conducted their own foreign policy and traded with foreign nations in spite of Israel's efforts to stop the trading.

Rather than seizing the opportunity to turn Gaza into another Hong Kong, the Palestinians instead launched a war of aggression against Israel by firing upwards of ten thousand genocidal missiles and by building an unprecedented network of murder tunnels.

Would someone please explain to me exactly how granting such absolute sovereignty to the Palestinians on the West Bank would be any different?

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