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Palestinian Path to Citizenship in Israel

Palestinian Path to Citizenship in Israel 

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Palestinian Path to Citizenship in Israel 

Many Israeli's, including former Shiloh, Israel Mayor David Rubin, are concluding that the two-state solution is dead. This is becoming more apparent in light of Israel's recent war with Hamas and the proliferation of world-wide radical Islamic militias such as al Qaeda, ISIS and Boko Haram.

I support a one-state solution for Israel by which the Israeli government would offer a path to citizenship for Palestinian Arabs living on what the western media calls the West Bank. Palestinian residents living there ought to be offered full Israeli citizenship and integration into Israeli society if they fulfill certain conditions.

In the same way that new American citizens are required to take a loyalty oath to the United States, to uphold the Constitution, and to study American history and politics, Palestinians applying for Israeli citizenship should be required to participate in a 1-2 year educational program where they would learn Israeli history, politics and Bible in the same way that Israelis study this in school. If they pass the course, they would then be required to take a loyalty oath to the Jewish State. The new Israeli citizens would then be required to fulfill the same obligations as other Israeli citizens including some form of national service.

Palestinians who are not interested in participating in this voluntary opportunity should be encouraged to leave Israel and funds should be raised and made available to them with assistance in terms of their finding a new home in one of the vast and often oil-rich Arab countries. This would also be a voluntary program which would mean that any accusation that Israel is engaging in a policy of ethnic cleansing would be false.

Those Palestinian Arabs who refuse to participate would continue to live their lives as non-citizens in Israel as long as they avoided seditious activities. Such involvement by them in such seditious activities might lead to prison or expulsion for them and their families. Variations of this policy toward sedition is part of the basic laws of every other nation on earth.

Some Palestinian activists are on record as suggesting that they are actually the true Jews going back thousands of years. Putting aside the questionable nature of these claims, I would suggest that perhaps Palestinians today ought to consider coming full circle and fully participating in Israeli society and in the Jewish spiritual mission in Israel by undergoing conversion to Judaism.

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