Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Main cause of Racism in America

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Main cause of Racism in America

Racism is caused when the liberal mostly white establishment anoints left-wing radicals as black leaders. The truth is that most blacks in America are conservative patriotic religious people. Black radicals such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and historic figures such as Malcolm X and the Black Panthers are turned into cultural icons by left-wingers with ulterior motives.

No wonder there is racism in America. The establishment left plucks radicals out of obscurity, grooms them, lavishes them with money and fame and holds them up as representing all black people. We don’t hear much from the majority of blacks who go to work every day and who are business owners, academics, entrepreneurs and inventors, who are accomplished full participants in the American dream. It’s almost as if they are invisible.
While propped up corrupt left-wing stooges fan the flames of racism, cadres of well-paid liberal professionals offer solutions to the problems they created. They offer taxpayer funded government programs that damage the black faith and family. Johnson Administration under Secretary of Labor Daniel Patrick Moynihan was right when he predicted in 1965 that these programs would hurt the black family and create a permanent under-class. Labor Department statistics show poverty rates amongst American blacks were falling each year until these programs were implemented in the late 1960’s. At that time, and in the midst of economic growth, poverty rates for black families became static for the first time and they remain so.

The racist agenda of the left serves their ideological and practical ends. Ideologically Socialism is advanced by a dependent and demoralized underclass manipulated by resentment and a sense of entitlement. Practical ends are achieved by the cottage industry of liberal professionals addressing the social ills that emanate from dependency including the breakdown of the family, crime, violence and drug use. We all pay a steep price with destroyed lives, squandered taxpayer dollars and the perpetration of racial divisiveness and tension.

A similar phenomenon took place in the early 20th Century when a small cadre of left-wing Communist Jews was held up by the left establishment as representing all Jews. Apostate former Jews participated in the most bloodthirsty totalitarian regime known to modern man, one that murdered 3-4 million people by 1920, a year before the Nazi Party was formed.

It would be naive to think that this association in the mind of Europeans of Jews with Communism was not a factor in the rise of Nazi antisemitism and the Holocaust. Like American blacks, the majority of Jews were conservative religious people who were loyal citizens of their respective nations. Like American blacks, the conservative Jews were not heard from much thanks to suppression by the left which cast the Jews in a false light similar to the way blacks are perceived. The left fanned the flames of antisemitism then like they fan the flames of racism today and for the same essential reasons.

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