Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sudden silence from the left on Israel

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After spewing the most vile Jew-Hating propaganda during the summer 2014 Gaza war, the left-wingers at Counterpunch, AlterNet and Nation Magazine to name a few along with camp-following radio hosts such as Thom Hartmann and fellow-traveling George Soros financed Jewish groups like J Street have suddenly gone silent.

Their deafening silence regarding the Israel-Arab conflict is entirely situational. Certainly conscience or concern for human rights has nothing to do with it. Otherwise they would be shrieking about the slow motion Holocaust against Christians in Arab countries and the atrocities committed by ISIS, Boko Haram, the Taliban, or any number of other devout Muslims and Islamic groups around the world, most recently with the Oklahoma City beheading and in Canada. They were strangely silent in the face of those atrocities from the get-go while they simultaneously launched a sophisticated blood libel against Israel over the summer in the heat of battle.

They are silent now because it suits their strategy which is to help Hamas. Why bring up the Israel-Arab conflict now while evidence is mounting that indicates that Hamas is re-building their terror tunnels and has test fired advanced missiles into the Mediterranean? Why discuss Israel when billions will soon flow into the coffers of Hamas in Gaza under the rubric of “humanitarian” aid? The best policy under such circumstances, and to advance their agenda, is to maintain a discreet silence while making just enough noise so the silence is not noticed.

It is instructive to revisit history in order to illustrate how the relativist morality and ethics of the left works along with shedding light on the unwitting tactics of their camp-followers such as Tom Hartmann who referred to Hamas missiles firing at Israeli cities as “firecrackers” and Gaza and a “prison camp.” The history to which I refer is the left-wing support of Hitler during the 1939-1941 Hitler-Stalin alliance. When Hitler and Stalin formalized their alliance on August 9, 1939, the international left, like flicking a light switch, began to agitate for “peace” and vilify Britain, France, and the US as evil capitalist nations.

For example the American folk album Songs of John Doe by the Almanac Singers, a group that included folk musician Pete Seeger, included references in their lyrics to Franklin D. Roosevelt as a capitalist warmonger and as a tool of JP Morgan and the Rockefellers. This album was released May, 1941, just weeks before Hitler double-crossed his socialist ally Stalin and broke the alliance. The album was immediately recalled and suppressed. Another light-switch flicked as the left suddenly went from peace and appeasement, after having sold out Poland and France, to a position of pro-war and super-patriotism. Their “peace” rhetoric mirrored that of Hitler who railed against Jewish capitalist war-mongering and who blamed the Jews for the war that he and Stalin had simultaneously launched.

During the Hitler-Stalin alliance the American Communist Party, operating through their Communist controlled unions, sabotaged war preparations with crippling political strikes at the Allis Chalmers defense plant in Milwaukee, WI and elsewhere. The Communist controlled Automobile Workers union went on strike at an aviation plant in Inglewood, CA to help Hitler and Stalin. Harry Bridges, head of the International Longshoremen and Warehouse Union in San Francisco goose-stepped to the Hitler-Stalin line. The Communist union slogan, The Yanks Aren’t Coming, switched over to The Yanks Aren’t Coming Too Late after Hitler’s invasion of the Soviet motherland. More seriously, pro-Hitler Communists in France stabled their country in the back in advance of the Nazi invasion and penetration of the Maginot Line.

The stakes are just as high now as they were in the fall of 1939, when the Nazi and the Soviet Socialists and their international coterie of fellow travelers and camp followers launched World War II when the divided Poland into two pieces. In a sense the stakes are even higher as technology is more potentially deadly and pervasive and the penetration of the enemy is more advanced.

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