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Chuck Morse Urges Congressman Barney Frank to Resign

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Chuck Morse Urges Congressman Barney Frank to Resign from the Congressional Homeland Security Committee
Cites 'The Frank Amendment' as giving known terrorists legal visas


    BROOKLINE AND NEW BEDFORD, Mass., Oct. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Chuck Morse,
 challenging U.S. Representative Barney Frank in the Fourth Congressional
 District in Massachusetts, today called upon the incumbent to resign his
 position on the Congressional Homeland Security committee, citing the "tragedy
 of errors" precipitated by the Frank Amendment.
     "Barney Frank unwittingly served as an enabler to terrorists by his inept
 meddling in immigration policy in the l980's. The Frank Amendment opened the
 'Turnstiles of Terrorism' in America," Morse charged.
     "The public has a right to know. What became of the Frank Amendment
 terrorists? How many inveterate enemies of our nation are still here operating
 at will, waiting to strike? Can we stop them in time to avert more bloodshed?"
     "Osama bin Laden's teams of terrorists brazenly trained at flight schools
 to prepare for their jihad against America. How did they get away it? Ask
 Gerald Posner, author of the New York Times bestseller 'Why America Slept,'
 now in paperback Morse said, quoting the book:
     "Senior CIA officers complained to the President's national security team
 about their frustration with the FBI and warned that America was vulnerable to
 Islamic terrorists entering on legal visas and setting up sleeper cells.
     "Reagan responded in September l986 by forming an interagency task force,
 the Alien Border Control Committee, whose purpose was to block entry of
 suspected terrorists and to deport militants who had either come into the
 country illegally or had overstayed their visas. The CIA and the FBI joined
 the ABCC effort.
     "Six months after its formation, the ABCC had its first notable success.
 The CIA tipped off the FBI to a group of suspected Palestinian terrorists in
 Los Angeles. The bureau arrested eight men. But instead of being lauded, the
 bureau and the agency came under harsh attack from civil liberties groups who
 argued that ABCC should be banned from using any information the CIA had
 gained from the government' s routine processing of visa requests.
     "Congressman Barney Frank, the Massachusetts Democrat who was a strong
 advocate for civil liberties, led a successful effort to amend the Immigration
 and Nationalization Act so that membership in a terrorist group was no longer
 sufficient to deny a visa.
     "The act was changed to read: A visa could only be denied if the
 government could prove that the applicant had committed an act of terrorism.
     "Rendered toothless by the Frank Amendment, the Reagan administration had
 virtually no way to block visas, even when there was information linking the
 individuals to terrorist groups."
     "Why did Barney Frank file this legislation?" Morse asked rhetorically.
     "So that Colombian writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez, a friend and supporter
 of Fidel Castro, and countless other leftist artists, writers and activists
 could market their expressions of anti-Americanism here in America."
     As a result, Morse said: "The Frank Amendment tied the hands of at least
 three agencies for the better part of two decades, while terrorists gleefully
 formed their sleeper cells and plotted this nation's demise."
     Morse urged the Immigration and Naturalization Service to release the
 background of recipients of visas granted via the Frank Amendment,
 specifically those entrants involved with terrorist activity, including the
 9/11 bombing of the World Trade Center. "The public has a right to know who
 they are, why they entered our country and, most importantly, where they are,"
 he said.
     "Congressman Frank may glibly dismiss this inquiry, having become
 accustomed to not being held accountable for the destructive impact of his
 ultraliberal policies.
     He has stayed too long in the corridors of power to worry about backyard
 terrorists who identified the vacuum created by the Frank Amendment, and used
 it to consign the World Trade Center to the ashbin of history.
     "Barney Frank to offer his apologies and take responsibility for the
 consequences of his actions, however unintended," Morse said.
     "He should resign from the Congressional Homeland Security committee. His
 presence there is a travesty, given the wreckage caused by the Frank
 Amendment, which will be his enduring legacy."
 SOURCE  Morse for Congress 2004

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