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The Palestinian Authority must be crushed

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The Palestinian Authority must be crushed 

Chuck Morse

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The Palestinian Authority must be crushed 

Palestinian Authority head Mahmoud Abbas responded to the slaughter of four Rabbis and an Israeli Druze at a synagogue in Jerusalem with letters of condolences to the murderers families while many Palestinians responded with cheers and candy. 

For over 20 years the two wings of the Palestinian Authority, al-Fatah and Hamas, have coordinated and financed acts of war and violence against Israel. The so-called "lone-wolf" murders are coordinated by the Palestinian Authority which sends funds to the murderers families. The PA is waging war against Israel and is gathering weapons in Judea and Samaria which is known to much of the world as the West Bank. 

The PA has successfully convinced much of the world that Jews should be banned from praying at the site of the ancient Temple. Abbas states that Jewish presence near the Temple Mount is "infecting" the site. The PA claim to represent "peace" is a fraud.

Israel must respond to the threat to its existence by cutting out the cancer. Israel must move tanks into Ramallah to destroy the Mukataa or the PA headquarters. Abbas and his gang of criminals must be arrested or sent into exile. The IDF must conduct a comprehensive sweep of the region in order to locate and confiscate the weapons that have been smuggled in recently.
Israel should then begin the long and difficult task of establishing peace and security for the Jews and Arabs of the region by finding and arresting terrorists and those who aid and abet them. In the long run, Israel should offer citizenship to Arabs in the region who meet certain qualifications.

No sane sovereign nation would allow such an aggressive and blood-thirsty enemy as the PA to carry out operations with impunity in their heartland as the the PA has dome for the last two decades. As long as the PA exists, and as long as the PA is able to promote the farce that is known as the "two-state solution" Israel and the Israeli people will be in grave danger.

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Chuck Morse is the host the radio talk show "Chuck Morse Speaks" which is nationally syndicated on the IRN/USA Radio Network Mon - Fri 10 AM - Noon ET. He is the author of books as well as columns that have been published in The Boston Globe, The Washington Times, The Providence Journal, the New Bedford Standard Times, WND, Newsmax and Front Page. Chuck Morse received the 2003 Communicator of the Year award from the National Right to Work Committee and was named a "Heavy 100" Radio Talk Host by Talkers Magazine. Morse ran for Congress in 2004 against Rep. Barney Frank in Massachusetts.

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