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The False and Deadly Insanity Defense

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Challenged Rep. Barney Frank in Massachusetts for Congress in 2004.

The False and Deadly Insanity Defense

The now predictable tactic of the establishment left, a tactic that has once again been carried out in response to the Jihadi attack in Sydney Australia, has been to label the terrorist aggressor as insane and as an irrational and misguided lone wolf.

This means that the terrorist is not held responsible for his actions since, if he was insane or if he was in some way mentally impaired at the time of the premeditated attack, he did not therefore understood the difference between right and wrong and, as such, he did not grasp the moral nature of his act. This approach essentially lets the perpetrator off the hook for his actions.

One consequence of this approach is that the entire Muslim community is let off the hook as, indeed, the predictable response on the part of Muslim leadership after each atrocity has been to disavow the perpetrator, to throw him under the bus so to speak. The result has been that responsibility is shifted and attention is diverted from a dispassionate critique of the beliefs and the ideology of the terrorist. The attention is thus focused on some vague and indefinable outside force that cannot be held to account.

Under this doctrine the Muslim community is itself able to actually assume victim status. There is no criticism or introspection. Under this condition there is no hope to change or to reform toxic beliefs or practices.

Another perhaps more subtle consequence of shifting responsibility from a set of beliefs and ideologies to a paradigm by which no responsibility can be assigned is that western society is indirectly blamed for the Jihadi violence since the west can be accused of not doing enough to treat people with mental illness. This is another was of saying that we, those of us who are fortunate enough to live in the non-Islamic free world, are to blame for the violence that has been carried out against us.

Thus the Islamic terror infrastructure is preserved for another day and western civilization is insulted and denigrated.

If the Jihadis are to be viewed as insane than, therefore, Islam itself would have to be viewed as insane and perhaps it is insane in the same way that Nazism and Communism were insane. While this case could certainly be made, the fact is that such an argument shifts moral responsibility away from the actions of a movement, political or religious, and moves that responsibility to some nebulous and ultimately uncontrollable outside amoral force.

Conditions by which evil ideas and actions are not identified as such, and in which consequences for evil actions are not meted out in the name of justice, are conditions by which evil advances and anarchy prevails. 

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