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Why Hitler and Marx hated the Jews

Chuck Morse

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Why Hitler and Marx hated the Jews
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By Chuck Morse, author of “The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terrorism” and the soon-to-be-released book “The War against Judaism.”
In the summer of 1938, a year before Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia launched World War II by slicing Poland in half, the liberal Western powers convened a conference in the French resort town of Evian to decide the Jewish Question. At that conference, the liberal powers slammed the door shut on Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi Germany, thus sealing the fate of millions of European Jews. The Nazis responded by noting how “astounding” it was that the Western democracies criticized Germany for their treatment of Jews while none of them wanted to open the doors to them when “the opportunity offer(ed).”
Meanwhile the British, at the behest of the pro-Nazi grand mufti of Jerusalem, slammed the door to Palestine by stationing their navy offshore in a blockade against Jews. Thus, in order to get to the safety and freedom of Palestine, Jews would have to get by the Nazis, their allies in Eastern Europe and the British. The Nazis and the Western democracies seemed to agree on one thing and that was that the fate of the European Jews was to be left up to Hitler.
Today, Arab and Muslim states are gathering their forces against the Jewish State with Iran developing nuclear bombs, well financed proxy armies, Hezbollah and Hamas, posed on the border of Israel and armed with thousands of missiles, and with a campaign of terror by which Jews are slaughtered in such setting as synagogues and grocery stores.
Yet the Western democracies, once again, turn a blind eye and even to a shocking degree embrace the conspiracy theories that blame the Jews for the conflict. Using the same twisted logic Hitler used to blame the Jews for the troubles of Germany, they blame Israel for the conflict for trying to defend itself against aggression. As the Nazis portrayed the Jews of Europe as somehow cruel and oppressive, Westerners today buy into the atrocity propaganda that is promulgated by Israel’s enemies.
To truly understand worldwide anti-Israel vitriol read “The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terrorism: Adolf Hitler and Haj Amin Al-Hussein”
The war against the Jews, today as in the Nazi era, is a war against Judaism itself. Judaism represents a spirit of independence, of a people who value family, education, individual identity and the right to create a successful life based upon achievement, skill and hard work. Judaism represents a belief in a God who is the source of rights that exist outside of human manipulation. This was why Judaism was viewed by Karl Marx as the main obstacle standing in the way of his collectivist fantasy, an opposition he expressed in his pamphlet “On the Jewish Question.” The Torah teaches belief in an immutable God who is the law-giver and a belief in the value of family, property, commerce and national sovereignty – all ideas that posed as enemies to Marx’s socialist view of the world.
And this was why the National Socialist Germans found common cause with the liberal democracies in their agenda to, as Marx said, make Judaismimpossible. Statism and conforming nanny-state hyper-nationalism was the order of the day in the Nazi era, and individualistic Judaism stood in opposition. The Jewish faith and the Jewish spirit threatened to wake up the populace to their individual identity and potential.
The same dynamic exists today in the hyper-nationalist Islamic world that seeks total control over their own people, Shariah and world conquest, or world order, Jihad. Jewish Israel, with its individual innovation, embrace of capitalism and its honoring of individual rights, threatens to destabilize the Islamic applecart. The war against Judaism is, in the real sense, a war against Christianity, moderate Islam, America and, at its core, a war against God. Socialists like Barack Obama, Fran├žois Hollande and others, at lease subconsciously, are resonating with those who are at war against Judaism.

Chuck Morse is a radio host at the USA Radio Networks and is the author of “The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terrorism” and the soon-to-be-released book “The War against Judaism.”

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