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New Book by Chuck Morse: The War against Judaism

The War against Judaism
Chuck Morse

Chuck Morse


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Chuck Morse was recently shocked by the hateful and vile reaction of followers of white supremacist Richard Spencer who attacked him with ugly personal texts after he interviewed Spencer on his Youtube show. During the course of the interview, Morse mentioned in passing that he happened to be Jewish.

"My conclusion from this experience is that anti-Semitism remains very much alive on the right" observed Morse. "I had assumed that the main area of growth for anti-Semitism in America and the world today had been on the left, with the boycott Israel movement increasingly becoming more anti-Semitic, and among Muslims. I was wrong."

I therefore feel compelled to discuss and debate this issue drawing from my own experience and from the research I chronicle in my book The War against Judaism, which is a political and philosophical history of the causes of modern anti-Semitism.


"Jew-Haters of the world Unite! You've got nothing to lose but your souls, your freedom and civilization itself" declares Youtuber and author Chuck Morse in The War against Judaism, God, Christianity & America, Morse links the recent rise of antisemitism in the world, as documented by a new ADL survey, with a rise in anti-American and anti-Christian beliefs. He traces the modern origins of those beliefs to the emergence of the international left in the 19th Century. Morse examines the history and the philosophical orientation of the modern antisemitism that gave rise to both the Nazi Holocaust and the current genocidal agenda of radical Islam as expressed in the war against the State of Israel. He exposes an unholy philosophical linkage between the Islamic war against Israel, and by extension the war against the western democracies and moderate Islam, and the left.

Morse, the author of The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terrorism published by WND Books in 2010, leaves no stone unturned in his quest to understand and to expose antisemitism. His research leads him down several controversial paths including a tough criticism of what he calls a poisonous and corrupting element that worked its way into the Jewish fabric starting with the 17th century false messiah Shabtai Zvai. Morse fearlessly analyses "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" and raises the controversial connection between the numbers of former Jews who embraced the Bolshevik Revolution and the subsequent false conspiracy theories that were promoted by the Nazi Party.


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