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Is it OK to criticize Islam?

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Is it OK to Criticize Islam?

The short answer is no, not unless you want to risk getting your head chopped off.  ISIS has put out a Fatwa against Pamela Geller, calling for her slaughter, for sponsoring a cartoon contest featuring Muhammad. This follows a shooting at an event she sponsored in Garland, TX. ISIS now claims it has 71 trained soldiers in 15 different states ready at our word to attack. Taking credit for the Garland shooting, ISIS boasts that this is only the beginning of our efforts to establish a wiliyah (authority or governance) in the heart of our enemy.

The long answer is yes, contrary to the admonitions of Fox News Bill O’Reilly, we must criticize and even mock Islam if we expect to maintain our freedom and our way of life. Indeed the only means we have to confront the terror threat is to conduct such criticism loudly and in unison.

Freedom requires such criticism of all political groups and all religions. Certainly Christianity has come under an endless barrage of criticism and, indeed, such criticism has made Christianity better. Judaism has come under criticism including serious charges lodged by me in my latest book The War against Judaism. The founding fathers recognized such criticism as a right, one that they codified into the 1st amendment to the US Constitution.

Only Islam demands no criticism under the threat of death. In the best spirit of America, Islam should be fairly dispassionately and honestly examined and the life and the career of Muhammad, the founder of Islam, ought to be examined. The founding texts of Islam ought to be widely published and understood. By this means, Islam would be held to the same standard as are all other religions and political movements. By this means, Islam might have a chance of reforming as has every other religious and political group.

Secrecy has no place in America as secrecy breeds corruption and abuse of power. 

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