Friday, June 26, 2015

Does the Confederate Flag stand for Racism?

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Does the Confederate Flag stand for Racism? 
Chuck Morse

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Image result for confederate flag  Not really, says Boston veteran radio host and author Chuck Morse. No one is calling for a return to slavery in America today. It seems obvious to me that the states that historically made up the confederacy, those that keep the confederate flag and other symbols of the succession on display do not mean to insult or offend African-Americans.

To me, the attack on this flag, the attempt to censor any reference to it, looks like a smoke-screen to avoid bigger questions.

Firstly, there seems to be no discussion about the mass murderer that opened fire in a black church murdering nine Christians as they studied the Bible. He had a reputation as a drug addict and he was a product of the so-called progressive public school system. He burned the American flag and his manifesto reflects a cadence and style that is typical of a growing number of his generation. 

In his manifesto, he expressed a type of Darwinian racism that exists on the left in a mild form, one which manifests itself in the tendency by leftists to treat African-Americans like little children. He was most likely liberal which is why we hear nothing about him.

And speaking about racism, we hear nothing about the destruction wrought by the left on the African-American community. The welfare that has led to the destruction of the family. The corrupt big city governments that have robbed blacks of opportunities. The anti-business, high taxing, regulating left that has stripped away chances for people trying to overcome generations of oppression. 

The left has offered African-Americans two things only and those are abortion and welfare, nothing else that can be named.

It is easier to demonize a symbol with mischaractarization than it is to actually go after the real causes of racism and the true racists.

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