Friday, July 24, 2015

Chuck Morse Speaks featured on BNN Connection

BNN Connection is a weekly column in The Boston City Paper about what is going on at BNN. Issue July 18, 2015 
Chuck Morse is someone who loves to have a lively debate. Through his show, Chuck Morse Speaks, on BNN Community TV, Morse gets to do just that every time he produces an episode. Morse brings on Boston speakers, media personnel, authors, and others to discuss national issues in the news—and gives these issues a Boston perspective for his viewers. “I bring people on the show from all different perspectives, left, right, and center” says Morse. “I hope the show gives people an opportunity to think about real issues.”  Chuck Morse Speaks covers everything from foreign policy, to law, to education, and religion, so there is something for every viewer. Morse’s favorite people to interview on his show are authors. As a nonfiction author himself, he admires the way other authors can study an issue in depth and discuss their thoughts on an issue in book format. Morse is a veteran radio talk show host, so talking and informing people has been something he has always enjoyed. He hopes that people can walk away from watching an episode of his show thinking differently about current issues........Read entire column:   BNN citypaperjuly182015color.pdf

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