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New Holocaust book misses the point

 TOPIC:  New Holocaust Book Misses the point

Chuck Morse


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New Holocaust Book misses the point

In his excellent new book Black Earth: The Holocaust as History and Warning, Yale historian Timothy Snyder presents important insights into the mind and personality of Adolf Hitler. Snyder observes:  Hitler believed the only way for the world to revert to its natural order – that of brutal racial competition – was to eradicate the Jews. Yet Snyder misses the point entirely.

Hitler's Utopian society, a reversion to a mythical natural order, emanated entirely from his progressive socialist orientation. Hitler's road to utopia, his call to eradicate the Jews, was pure Marxism. In Mein Kampf Hitler wrote that his first influence was Marxism, that he had immersed himself in Marxism as a young street hustler in Vienna.

No doubt Hitler read On the Jewish Question by Marx, a communist cannon since suppressed. In that anti-Semitic screed, Marx blamed Judaism for advancing what he described as false consciousness, self-interest, huckstering, money. Marx despised Judaism because he believed it constituted a conspiracy to exploit people by allegedly inventing self-interest which is actually individual identity, huckstering or trade in goods and services, and money, the abstract expression of property.

Marx viewed Judaismwhich inculcated in its adherents such values as rugged individualism, education, family, belief in a divine creator as opposed to worship of the state, as standing in the way of collectivism and he was partially right. While Judaism did not invent these freedom enhancing institutions, as are natural to genuine human progress, Judaism embraces them entirely. So doesn't Christianity. So doesn't America.

Marx believed that by eradicating Judaism, which he viewed as having corrupted Europe Christianity and America, man would be magically transformed into a worldwide collective, a one world ant colony, what Hitler called the natural order.

Lenin and the Bolsheviks had already established a concentration camp system, the Gulag, a national police force, the Checka, and Lenin had already annihilated approximately 5 million people who were deemed as not politically correct by 1920, before Hitler had joined the National Socialist Workers Party in Munich. Lenin had launched the most bloodthirsty atrocious regime in world history and the liberal establishment either turned a blind eye or sung its praises. Hitler no-doubt noticed this and probably expected the same treatment from the same liberals. He probably would have received such praise had he won the war.

The only reason Nazism could be described as "right-wing" is because Hitler was to the right of Stalin. The Nazis allowed a fig leaf of freedom and private ownership to a select few while the Communists made no pretense as they took control over everything that moved.

We should remember that American communists, including the celebrated Hollywood 10, Alger Hiss, Pete Seeger, and other far left figures put the interests of both Hitler and Stalin over their own country in the first two years of World War II. That was the period before the socialist Hitler double-crossed his socialist ally Stalin by invading Russia in June, 1941. Stalin responded to the invasion by turning the tables and calling Nazism "right-wing" while the American communist peace-nicks suddenly became war hawks and super-patriots, literally overnight.

To understand the left-wing nature of Hitler and Nazism is to snap into place the last missing piece of the puzzle regarding the cause of the Holocaust against the Jews. Those same motives, the idea of eradicating the freedom loving individual, the annihilation of the believer in God as sovereign and not the State, and those same people who believed that Judaism was the source of those positive virtues and that Judaism, as such, should be destroyed, are still walking around today. 


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