Thursday, November 19, 2015

I’m with Trump

I’m with Donald Trump for President because Trump speaks to the little guy, the working man, the American who seeks to make sense out of years of demented and illogical policies and duplicitous pronouncements. Trump speaks American. He speaks in simple direct sentences. He doesn’t engage in the highly sophistic double-talk that is the norm of the left-wing establishment elite, the top 1%, those who hold the bulk of wealth and power in this country, those who are predominantly liberal.

The latest fashion for the left, a reflection of their illogical duplicity and fundamental venality, their malevolent anti-Americanism, is the push for America to welcome hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees. They deceitfully claim that this is necessary to save lives while they engage in classic agit-prop by accusing the opposition of bigotry toward Muslims. Perhaps, at first glance, we should congratulate the left for finally finding a religion they can admire.

Trump, thinking like the successful businessman that he is, addresses the refugee crisis by advocating a policy that would meet the dual objective of saving innocent life while preserving American safety and national interest. He logically proposes an armed safe zone inside Syria and humanitarian aid, temporary housing, food, supplies, to be paid for by oil rich Gulf States which, he notes, are actually richer than the United States as they have no debt.

Americans of most political persuasions are sick and tired of the bizarre policies that have eroded our safety and our national confidence. Even most liberals want to live in a strong secure nation where their children can inherit an intact if not a prosperous society based upon individual rights and opportunity. Most Americans understand the virtue and the truly progressive nature of freedom, self-interest and success. Donald Trump embodies those virtues.

The left recently criticized Trump for stating that he started out with a million dollar loan from his father. They claimed that this was proof that Trump couldn’t relate to the plight of the average American who struggles from paycheck to paycheck or that he couldn’t relate to poverty. They entirely miss the point which is that Trump took that million and he turned it into billions due to his discipline, imagination, willingness to take risks, and his pluck. In the process, he created wealth where it didn’t exist before and he created jobs =and opportunities at all levels. In this respect Trump, operating from the vantage point of self-interest, has engaged in more social good than has anyone else running for president. This is especially true when compared to Hillary Clinton who has been essentially a corrupt corporate lawyer and political hack who has shaken down multi-national corporations and foreign dictators for enormous sums of un-earned money. Trump got his billions the old fashioned way, he earned them.

This is why I’m with Trump. He is a proven competent businessman who knows how to solve problems and take calculated risks. He speaks plainly and honestly so we know where he stands whether or not we agree. He is an American success story and he embodies the American ethos and spirit that we yearn to see emerge again. He is truly one of us.

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