Thursday, November 5, 2015

Paycheck Protection Podcast Archive


Chuck Morse is joined by Adam Pertman, CEO of the National Center of Adoption and Permancy and the new start-up, Myriad Strategic Partners which specializes in management and consulting for non-profit companies.

340 American so-called progressive Rabbis have signed a letter issued by a shadowy group called "Ameinu" which translates to mean "our people" supporting the treaty that clearly grants a green light to Iranian nuclear proliferation.

Chuck Morse discusses his new venture as a registered health and life insurance agent in Massachusetts, how cash plans offered by Aflac make an end-run around Obamacare, and why he is on a mission to enroll every young professional into... more

70 years after the defeat of Hitler and Nazi Germany, the American left is launching a new Euggenics experiment. Perhaps they figure that 70 years is long enough for the true nature of the Nazi socialist experiment to be remembered.... more

Last night I watched a documentary on PBS about Kennedy, Johnson, and the Civil Rights movement. A friend sarcastically observed that I probably think the civil rights movement was conservative and the white supremecists were on... more

It's "absolutely preposterous to call him anti-Semitic," says Disney composer Richard Sherman', who is Jewishand who composed, along withhis brother Robert, the score to Disney's Mary Poppins. Sherman was commenting on a... more

Planned Parenthood has been exposed as a seller of the body parts of aborted fetuses, a practice they have apparantly been engaging in for decades and, according to the most recent revelations, has included entire fetuses intact. This... more

President Obama is moving with break-neck speed to give a green light to Iran to build an Islamic nuclear bomb. Obama has even hinted that he plans to go forward with the treaty even if it is rejected by Congress which would be an... more

Is President Obama trying to create a new problem for Kenya, a country already riddled with poverty, corruption and Islamic terrorism? President Obama made his main issue during his historic visit gay rights but is he trying to import another... more

The Thomas Crane Public Liberary in Quincy, Massachusetts, a city known as the "City of Presidents" due to the fact that Quincy is the birthplace of presidents John and John Q. Adams, has censored the book "Crimes of the Educators: How... more

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