Sunday, December 6, 2015

Jewish Lives Matter

Jewish Lives Matter
Chuck Morse

Chuck Morse is the author of The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terrorism, The War against Judaism and the soon to be released book Communism is not Dead.

I attended the funeral of a young American citizen brutally murdered in Israel by a Jew hater who targeted him for slaughter because he was a Jew. His father, trying to make sense out of this atrocity, movingly observed that he had lived a meaningful life and that his death was a meaningful death.

Indeed his death is made meaningful by understanding why he was cut down in the prime of his life. His senseless death was part of an accelerating war against the Jews, a war that is also consuming the Christian world as it did on September 11, 2001 and in Paris. While the Jews are the canary in the mine-shaft, the entire non-Islamic world is now under siege.

The Arab agitation against Israel, the so-called Palestinian conflict, once the mask is ripped off, is nothing more than the vanguard action in this war. The Arabs are not in need of another sovereign nation, they already have over twenty, several of which are rich in land and oil. The Arab agenda is to destroy Israel in two phases and it is motivated, at its core, by Jew hatred.

Jew hatred is the animating force behind the international left-liberal establishment, including segments of the liberal Jewish establishment, as they push Israel toward destruction. The left hates Israel and Jews for two reasons. They hate Israel because it is capitalist and because it is Jewish. As an essentially capitalist society, Israel represents the aspirations of the free individual in control of his own life and destiny. This threatens not only the totalitarian Arab societies but it also threatens an international left that seeks to subsume the conscious individual into the semi-subservience of a global entity.

They hate Israel for being Jewish because of what Judaism represents, a belief in God as the creator and the law-giver as opposed to their conception of the state as the locus of authority. Judaism represents the swash-buckling individual, the family, education, free trade in goods, services and ideas, and a belief in a moral and ethical code that is divine and thus out of reach of human manipulation. They seek to destroy those values, to replace them with collectivism and the one world ant colony.

The idea that Arabs are somehow oppressed in Israel is ridiculous. Indeed the Arabs living in Israel and in Judea and Samaria are among the freest and the most prosperous in the Middle East thanks to a genuinely progressive Israeli society. The Arabs and Muslims of Israel and the world should look to Israel as a model and an inspiration as they examine their own regressive and putrid societies. Israel represents the potential contained in an embrace of faith and freedom.

The Arabs of Israel should be offered the option of Israeli citizenship that includes a loyalty oath or, if they refuse, they should be expelled. This would be the policy of any sane society that expects a secure a future for its own people. No nation can survive, let alone prosper, with a large segment of its population that is not only dis-loyal but is seditiously engaging in war against the host country. No other nation would tolerate such a state of affairs.

So yes, the young man's life and death is and will be a meaningful life and a meaningful death if we understand its meaning. Jewish lives matter not only for Jews but for all who hope for a world oriented on principles of freedom and peace.

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