Thursday, September 15, 2016

Black Lives Matter should protest the left

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If they actually cared about the plight of African-Americans, Black Lives Matter would protest the left. Racist left-wing ideas and policies targeted African-Americans as far back as Margaret Sanger's “Negro Project” which sought to reduce the number of black people who she referred to as members of a “dysgenic race.” In this pursuit, Sanger set up abortion clinics in Harlem and paid black ministers to promote them in 1939.

In the 1960’s the black family was relatively intact, the black church was a moral force and black entrepreneurs and businesses were rising fast in spite of real racism and discrimination. Then came the radical left-wing welfare do-gooders who began paying women to get rid of their men and then paying them more to have babies out of wedlock. The result was a generation of young black men who grew up without the benefit of having a father in the home.

The so-called “progressive” educators had by then virtually taken over the public schools, which they increasingly nationalized through left-wing teachers union, the National Education Association. They changed education from one based on cognitive learning, by which the student learned to think on his own, to behaviorism which turned the student into a human resource. This change was particularly detrimental to black children who were, thanks largely to the left, growing up in single parent families. Around this time, the left-wing educrats began to replace phonics with look-say guessing and the deliberate result has been learning disabilities and a generation of virtual illiterates.

The corrupt anti-Capitalist left-wing Democratic Party machine governments operating in many of our big cities, such as Detroit and Newark, set up regulations that made it difficult for black entrepreneurs to get into business or to expand their businesses. On the national level high taxes and onerous regulations, not to mention a denigration of business and profits generally, combined with the rise of welfare hit the black community with a double punch. With the accompanying diminution of opportunity, and with a weakened system of law and order and a failure to address the problem of illegal drugs flowing in from Latin America, young unemployed black men would often succumb to the temptation of drug dealing and drug consumption and the crime that goes along with that. 

Today, the only group that actually cares about the real welfare of the black community is policemen who deal with the symptoms the left has caused. They risk their lives to protect the black community from the crime that is the social manifestation of a deplorable basket of left-wing ideas and policies. While police are far from perfect and while mistakes are made and those mistakes should have consequences, Black Lives Matter should recognize that the police are actually one of the few genuine friends the inner city black community has as they face a breakdown of law and order brought about by the left’s influence on a system of justice that favors the perpetrator of a crime over the victim.

Now that the left has wreaked havoc over the black community over these many decades, and now that they have enriched themselves with their cottage industries of social services that they set up to address the problems they caused, they are now launching a new agenda with so-called micro-aggression. In spite of the fact that real racism has been greatly reduced in our multi-ethnic country and that larger numbers black people have become successful in spite of their negative policies, the left now wants to put the rest of us under a microscope to see if they can find racist micro-organisms. We should note that the only people who will subject to this totalitarian scrutiny will be conservatives or anyone who might dissent from the left.

If Black Live Matter actually cared about the plight of black people, if they wanted to put an end to black people being used as cannon-fodder for the revolution of the top 1%, the vast majority of whom are on the left. They would stand with those of us who oppose this tyranny and take the side of genuine progress.

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