Monday, October 17, 2016

Donald Trump has become a conservative

The PBS Frontline specialThe Choice 2016, which presented the life stories of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, was correct when they noted that Trump, like many men of his generation, was a devotee of Hugh Hefner of Playboy Magazine. There is no question that Donald Trump was a playboy.

Yet, unlike his fellow playboy Bill Clinton, and unlike many liberals like Clinton, Trump has changed. I believe Donald Trump when he says that he was changed by the experience of campaigning for president and meeting thousands of his fellow citizens, many of whom are struggling with the problems that life dishes out. I experienced something similar when I ran for Congress in Massachusetts in 2004 and I personally gathered thousands of signatures to get on the ballot. The experience of meeting thousands of people changed me by bringing me out of the world of theory and into the real world of hard knocks.

Now, suddenly, the liberals have become downright Victorian as they seem to need smelling salts when confronted with profanity and vulgarity. Their opposition to such things is obviously phony as, we might recall, when President Bill Clinton was accused of a being a rapist and a serial sexual molester of women they said “move on!” George Soros weighed in back then by dropping millions of dollars to create a turf group by that very name, Moveon.org. Gloria Steinem, feminist icon, threw in her two cents in a March 22, 1998 editorial in the New York Times entitled Why Feminists Support Clinton.

Unlike liberals, whose concern over sexual indiscretion and the welfare of women are entirely situational, as illustrated by their response to Bill Clinton and to Hillary Clinton’s menacing treatment of his victims; conservatives actually care about this issue. This is at least partially why so many conservatives have backed away from Donald Trump mere weeks before an election that will determine who will be the next President of the United States. They may think they are well meaning in their assumed posture of purity but, in fact, they could play a role in putting back into the White House the unrepentant Clinton’s. What ever happened to the Christian idea of forgiveness and personal redemption?

The revelations emerging out of the private emails of the Clinton campaign indicate stark differences between two candidates and two ideologies. Clearly released portions of Hillary Clinton’s speeches to Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street corporations, speeches in which she and Bill were given over $100 million in cash to deliver, indicate that she intends to do their bidding. The speeches, now released, indicate that she supports open borders, open immigration and a merge between the United States and the Western Hemisphere which would become part of a one world government. She seeks to subvert the US Constitution with binding treaties and with Supreme Court Judges who would circumvent the will of the sovereign American citizen, as expressed through their elected Congress, by making up laws that fit her leftist agenda.

Donald Trump seeks an American form of nationalism, one that puts America first when interfacing with the rest of the world while respecting limited government and the sovereignty of the citizen at home. American conservatives, like Glenn Beck for example, however well meaning, need to wake up and realize that they might help to elect the most corrupt, the most immoral and the most anti-American president in history if they, de facto, help Hillary Clinton by not supporting Donald Trump. We should take a chance, under the circumstances, and accept Donald Trump’s declaration that he has experienced an epiphany on the proverbial road to Demascus.

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