Friday, December 30, 2016

The Liberal Victorians

Liberals never miss an opportunity to take a cheap shot at Donald Trump’s character flaws yet is there any real doubt that if Trump were a liberal Democrat all that stuff would have been either explained away or swept under the rug a la Bill Clinton? Suddenly these lifelong doyens of the sexual revolution need smelling salts when exposed to a hint of sexual impropriety.  How ironic! Where is Moveon.org? If Trump were on their side, we would never hear the end of the chatter about vast right-wing conspiracies and the smear of anyone who dared disagree.

Since they are unable to take Trump down with recounts, death threats against electors, violent demonstrations and dark conspiracy theories about the Kremlin, they are descending into downright nastiness. They have become completely unhinged. The petty tyrants are now threatening to boycott entertainers who might perform at the inauguration. They harass Ivanka Trump while she boards JetBlue at JFK, in front of her children. They create Trump free zones on campuses.

Their latest line of attack is that Trump is appointing too many rich people to his cabinet. Putting aside the fact that Obama’s Secretary of State John Kerry inherited his billion-dollar estate from his second wife’s first husbands trust fund, what do they expect? Should Trump appoint poor people? What they really fear is that Trump is appointing accomplished people who know how to get things done. Indeed, this is the only thing they’ve been right about so far. 

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