Friday, December 30, 2016

The Racist Legacy of Barack Obama

When Barack Obama was elected president in 2008, Americans looked forward to the beginning of a post-racial era. A Gallup poll released a week after the election indicated that 75% of Americans believed that as president Obama would help heal racial divisions. Few realistically expected racism to end but most, including most of those who voted against him, hoped that he would preside over improved race relations as part of an era of growing opportunity for all.   

Obama squandered this historic opportunity. He failed to contribute substantially toward healing race conflict, in fact he exacerbated it, not because of bad leadership but rather because of his liberal instincts and mindset. Obama placed his loyalty to liberalism over that of his own country and even over his own legacy.

Racism is the fuel that drives the liberal agenda in America. If liberals had left blacks alone back in the 1960’s they would have assimilated into the American culture like other ethnic and racial groups. This is not to say that racism would have magically disappeared. Nevertheless, by the late 1950’s, blacks were rapidly entering the middle class, developing businesses and entering into higher education in increasing numbers and this was occurring despite the real racism of the time which took on ugly and hateful forms such as jim crow laws.

Starting in the 1960’s, particularly after the Republican inspired Civil Rights Act of 1965, liberals began to develop a self-serving multi-billion-dollar cottage industry made up of so-called professionals, a class of public sector agencies, non-profits and private businesses, all predominantly staffed by liberals and driven by taxpayer funded grants. Liberals began to administer over the problems in the black community that their ideas and their policies were largely responsible for creating, and they began to feather their own nests in the process.

In the 1960’s communist agitators instigated riots that burned down black neighborhoods in cities such as Detroit, Newark, Chicago and elsewhere. These neighborhoods would in many cases not recover for a generation or more and this occurred at a time of growing prosperity. The race oriented agitprop that contributed to those riots was backed by mainstream liberals and their media mouthpieces. Many cities with large black populations would subsequently fall under the sway of corrupt liberal anti-business Democratic political machines where many remain.

The launch of the War on Poverty, with its nationalization of welfare programs, contributed to the disintegration of the largely intact black family. Women were paid to get rid of their husbands and to have children out of wedlock. Indeed, even today, some families receive more revenue and benefits from welfare than the working poor. The resulting unemployment and the despair, particularly of young black men growing up without a father, led to many of the social ills that liberals claim to champion.

The liberal attitude toward faith contributed to a diminution of the influence of the black church which had historically been one of the most powerful forces in American Christendom both black and white. Belief in God and the power of the individual to achieve in this lifetime was largely replaced by a sense of victimhood and resentment. Liberals virtually destroyed black education with such crackpot methods as replacing phonetic reading with look-say which contributed toward illiteracy and cognitive dissonance. Studies have shown that a high percentage of men incarcerated in prison today are functionally illiterate. Liberal anti-business policies hurt black self-sufficiency and achievement not to mention employment.

And then along came Obama, the post-racial president who, while ignoring these problems, essentially declared war on the last bastion of responders to the crisis the liberals created, the police. After decades of liberal policies that led to inner-city crime, liberal judges that let criminals get off scott free and liberal propaganda that excused crime, the police, while far from perfect, were the last line of defense for the 99% of the law-abiding residents of the black community. Obama fed into fake news by pushing racial narratives against policemen who were doing a tough job, a job that we should thank them for doing.

Despite decades of liberal policies, blacks are more successful today as more than half could be described as middle class. Responding to this success and the accompanying diminution of overt racism, liberals keep racism alive and vital by promoting a pseudo-science they call micro-aggression theory. By this means liberals place their opponents under a microscope to find traces of racism. This keep their cadres mobilized well beyond the real crisis they created and this manifests in the form of the informal tyranny of political correctness. This weapon didn’t work against Donald Trump who knocked the political correct hand grenade out of their hands, yet they now appear to be doubling down.

This form of hysteria, this liberal promulgation of racism at any cost, is the main reason why Hillary Clinton lost and Barack Obama was repudiated. With the election of Donald Trump, with the collapse of political correctness, with Trump’s stated policy of putting the interests of all Americans first, we as a people might actually begin to move closer to a genuinely post-racial age.

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