Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Why Hillary Lost

Why Hillary Lost

Hillary Clinton lost because she became so confident that she would win that she and the Democrats forgot to stuff the ballot box.

Perhaps Hillary didn’t get the memo from campaign manager John Podesta about the rigged polls that had her up by 8-10%. The hacked Podesta’s email indicates that he was in communication with major pollsters about creating a sense of inevitability by polling largely democratic voters.

While Republicans are not above voter fraud in certain exceptional situations, the Democrats have a long and storied history of stealing elections going back to the actions of ACORN, which served as Democratic Party shock troops starting in the 1070’s. Employing techniques patented by professors Richard Cloward and Francis Fox Piven to overwhelm systems until they break down and the authoritarian socialists can then march in to
save the day on a white horse. ACORN started to flood the Democrat Party controlled big city voter rolls with false registrations in elections going back to the 1980’s.

Obama likely benefited from these methods in key cities in battleground states in 2012 where he captured 98-99%, even 101-102 % of the vote in certain precincts. At the time, Rush Limbaugh observed that even communists Fidel Castro and Josef Stalin never
garnered such a vote. As it is, the Michigan recount initiated by Green Party candidate Jill Stein revealed extensive voter fraud in Detroit favoring Hillary. Without that corrupt
Democratic Party fraud machine, Donald Trump would have likely won the state by a much larger margin.

New Hampshire allows for same day voter registration which makes it difficult to stop people from crossing in from liberal Massachusetts to vote. Hillary won New Hampshire by only .03 percent and Trump could have asked for a recount. Republican Governor-elect
Chris Sununu has said that he would like to do away with the system.

Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe, former Clinton aide and DNC Chairman, may have stolen his state for Hillary by registering 60,000 convicted felons by means of an auto-pen, on thieve of the election, which circumvented an earlier judicial ruling that prevented him from registering 200,000 felons without individual review. California has extremely lax voter registration laws that allow for online registration without a driver’s license or social security number or even an address. This could explain the unusually large margin of victory for Hillary in the state that garnered her the popular margin that is now touted to minimize the Trump victory.

Yes, I guess the Democrats were asleep at the switch this year. I guess they figured that there was no way the American people would vote against them and for Donald Trump.

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